Just found out from Pastor Dave Pepper via Facebook that Dr. Donald Bloesch, professor emeritus at Dubuque Seminary and a long-time voice for orthodoxy in the United Church of Christ, has died at the age of 82. That might not mean much to most folks, but it is a great loss to the world of Christian theology. I read Dr. Bloesch’s Essentials of Evangelical Theology in seminary, and have been blessed by his 7 volume Christian Foundations series, as well as by a variety of other books of his. He was a Reformed theologian who was a student of Karl Barth’s, but not an uncritical follower. He also taught me to take the history of theology seriously, and to read and weigh the insights of modern theologians in light of the Church Fathers and Reformers. He was also eminently readable, as opposed to so many academic theologians who seem obsessed with being as obscure as humanly possible. He will be missed.