Maryanne and I just got back from a wonderful vacation we took in celebration of 30 years of joyful marriage (hence the infrequent posts of the last two weeks). We took a cruise that embarked from Vancouver, visited Astoria, Oregon (the terminus of the Lewis and Clark expedition), Catalina Island and San Diego, California (terrific zoo that lives up to its reputation), and Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (blisteringly hot, but all three beautiful). We had a great time, renewed our relationship, and have come back thoroughly refreshed. I’ll be posting a few pictures later today.

We traveled in the company of 700 Canadians, most from British Columbia, including two delightful couples with whom we shared a dinner table each evening. And so, in honor of our shipmates and our port of departure, I give you a reprise of the finest song ever written about our neighbors to the north: