It’s rare that advocates of euthanasia are completely upfront about their passion for death, but let no one say that Virginia Ironside isn’t honest. She’s an advice columnist for Britain’s Independent newspaper, and she thinks that mothers who really love their children should kill them if they are suffering. On the BBC’s “Sunday Morning Live” recently, she shocked host Susanna Reid and left a Church of England priest open-mouthed and speechless:

I’m not so sure why the priest (if that’s what she  is–she isn’t identified in the clip), or Ms. Reid, for that matter, are so shocked. Peter Singer has been talking this way for years, and is increasingly echoed in the media. Ironside just happens to be more honest about it than most–though I do have to wonder about the company she keeps, if it’s true that she “doesn’t know any mother who wouldn’t” do what she advocates.

(Via Manhattan