Well, I think I can officially put to rest the use of terms that indicate any doubt regarding the mindset behind the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. The USCEIO is not “borderline” or “virtually” anti-Semitic. It is anti-Semitic, by virtue of the kind of filth they link to and publicize on their blog.

You can tell a lot about someone by his associates. No one has to account for every peccadillo or bizarre opinion that an acquaintance might hold, but there are some people whose thinking is so odious, public statements so repulsive, that the old expression “lie down with pigs, get up smelling like garbage” applies. That’s the case with the USCEIO, as their most recent blog post demonstrates.

Entitled “Veterans publication highlights Corrie trial and U.S. Campaign’s petition to stop Caterpillar,” the post excerpts a story entitled “Caterpillar Withholding Sale of D9 Death Bulldozers to Human Rights Violator,” found at the site Veterans Today. (The article itself was taken from Jewish Voice for Peace, a supposedly Jewish group whose anti-Zionism is a function of its extreme leftist politics.) Veterans Today doesn’t just get a link from the USCEIO, but has its logo placed above the post. As noted, the site is referred to as a “veterans publication,” with no further indication of what one might find there. So I took a look.

Among the items I found at Veterans Today:

•”The Zionist ‘Hollowhoax Continues” by staff writer Joe Cortina, in which among other things he says:

You Jews have used this ‘mantra’ of the hollowhoax as a veil to destroy the goodness of my country and immunize your horrible crimes against humanity as you transform my beloved Christian nation into a putrid morally rotted corpse. You people have made MY beloved America a playground for your pathological Jew mentality to encourage the total perversion of EVERYTHING once good and decent and wholesome and innocent.

•In “Gadahn Call to Attack Americans Comes From Israel,” staff writer Gordon Duff claims:


“Israeli terrorist “clones” are responsible for most hard line rhetoric, threats and, if we investigated closely, have actually recruited terrorists and directly inspired, if not planned and executed, attacks on Americans…Gadahn is part of it, so is Wikileaks”

•In “The Ugly American and His Frantic Race Over the Abyss,” Cortina writes:

Death will become a merciful escape for most of the poor peoples of the next country we decide to destroy for the greater glory of IsraHELL . If we can find no more enemies to torment – be assured that Israel will identify them for us until their last enemy is murdered. THEN there will be only one last enemy – the Christians. The Jews murdered some 20,000,000 Christians in Russia and then worldwide the Jew created Marxist genocide topped two hundred million!

•In “Duke vs. Schumer: Who Is the Threat?”, Duff offers a video presentation by white supremacist and anti-Semite David Duke that claims that Jewish Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) is a supporter of “murder” and “terrorism” because of his support for Israel. The mere act of giving a platform to the likes of Duke is telling.

•In “Israeli Control of America: A Veterans Today Reader Comments,” Duff gives over space to an extended paranoid rant that incorporates the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Khazar theory of Eastern European origins, 9/11 as a Mossad operation, Jewish control of the media, and other assorted anti-Semitic wackiness.

I think you get the point. Veterans Today is a cesspool of anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, Islamist propaganda, and other extreme craziness, all in the guise of a “veterans publication.” This is the kind of ally the USCEIO has tied itself to in its monomanical hatred of all things Israel. And don’t forget the real reason why I pay any attention to nutjobs like USCEIO: they are connected at the top with American mainline denominations. David Wildman of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, and the Rev. Fahed Abu-Akel, former moderator of the PCUSA General Assembly (among others) should be asked by people in their respective churches why they would lend their names, their denominational affiliation, their advice, and their leadership to such a vile organization.

UPDATE: United Methodists would actually do well to ask their delegates to the last General Conference why they rejected an effort to withdraw UM support from the US Campaign. According to the site Understanding United Methodist Divestment, the last GC rejected such a call by a vote of 842-24. So David Wildman’s leadership in USCEIO is not some bizarre action by a rogue activist; United Methodist participation in USCEIO has the General Conference seal of approval.

UPDATE: The Veterans Today story is also found at the top of USCEIO’s Facebook page.