On Tuesday, I posted about the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and their connection to an anti-Semitic web site called Veterans Today. I specifically mentioned a blog post and Facebook entry that linked to a story at VT, and that was highlighted through using the VT logo.

Well, it’s two days later, and my friend Viola Larson went looking for the blog post, and it’s not there. The USCEIO has also deleted the link, logo, and story from their Facebook site. But Google never forgets, and so you can see the blog post here, and compare it to the way their blog looks now here (the now-removed post would be the third one down, after, ironically enough, the post “Campus group fights ADL’s silencing tactics and AIPAC’s recruiting.”) I can’t find a way to link to the Facebook status as it was before it was deleted, so you’ll have to take my word for it. In addition, the USCEIO has a Twitter feed that has links to all their blogs posts, so I assume that this item was there as well, as it also now is gone.

Near as I can tell, no one else has picked up on the USCEIO-VT connection, so unless further information surfaces I’m taking credit for shaming the USCEIO into removing these items, and doing so surreptitiously. But the fact that the post, link, and logo are gone doesn’t change the fact that an organization that counts mainline churches among its supporters is apparently getting some of its information from, and in turn lending support to, some of the vilest bigots on the Internet.