The continual demand for the production of reports and the constant series of audits required by this denomination’s regulatory entities saps time and energy from actual ministry. For example, two different denominational entities review board and agency budgets.

Charles Ferguson once wrote a famous book about Methodism in America entitled, Organizing to Beat the Devil. Today, we have over-organized to defeat ourselves.

Bureaucracy is everywhere, my friends. Even if your local church has one pastor, a part-time secretary, an administrative council and a staff-parish relations committee, you have a bureaucracy. And no matter the size of the church, at least one person will always say he or she has not been kept informed of what is going on by that bureaucracy.

–Rev. Jim Winkler, general secretary of the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, an organization that has never seen a government program or agency whose power and intrusive reach into individual lives it didn’t want to extend (except the Pentagon), complaining about the over-bureaucratization of his denomination