The blog at the mainline church-supported U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has chosen to highlight a propaganda film of the most abased sort from the Arizona State University Students for Justice in Palestine. It seems that Sun Devils for Israel had invited an Israeli Defense Forces soldier, Sergeant Nadav Weinberg, to speak about “Ethics of the IDF.” In response, ASU SJP organized one of those typically brainless protests that one sees so often on college campuses these days, wherein the participants make their statement without bothering to listen to or engage with the other side. Here’s the video:

I guess you can at least say that the protest didn’t prevent Sgt. Weinberg from speaking, which is the usual modus operandi of such campus activists. They did, however, in typically bigoted fashion manage to completely ignore those Israelis (Jews and Arabs alike) who have been “silenced” by the actions of the Islamist and secular Palestinian terrorists that ASU SJP (and USCEIO) implicitly if not explicitly supports.