…well, you know how that ends. Turns out that James Wall objects to people pointing out the smell that rises from his anti-Israel writings and the playmates with whom he associates his message. Specifically, he objects to yours truly.

In his latest blog entry, “Chose This Day Whom You Will Serve” (with himself as Joshua, natch), Wall draws inspiration for his anti-Israel rantings from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, managing to compare himself to King in terms of the “vilification” that has come his way lately. Then he gets to the meat:

Those sites that link my postings to their sites place me in a larger company of notable and creative writers whose comments are inspiring in their determination to expose the Israeli government’s policies against the Palestinians.

Those would be people like Norman Finkelstein, Gordon Duff, Debbie Menon and an assortment of other anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, and 9/11 Truthers.

My presence on these international websites has evoked angry postings on US websites, some written by Presbyterian clergy and lay members, who are yet to forgive those of us who supported Presbyterians who endorsed a call to justice for Palestinians at the 2010 General Assembly.

One US Presbyterian blogger, for example, has accused Debbie Menon, a blogger located in Dubai of linking to a ”horribly anti-Semitic site”, not mine in this case, but another blog, bringing back the old “guilt by association” line of attack.

Actually, the blogger in question, my friend Viola Larson, has joined me in pointing out that Veterans Today and My Catbird Seat are joined at the hip, sharing many of the same writers as well as the same extremist ideologies. It isn’t a matter of guilt by association; it’s a matter of writing for a site that is devoted to an anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism that is so extreme that it becomes anti-Semitic regardless of whether standard anti-Jew hate language is used or not.

The charge is bogus, of course, or I would not want to be associated with Debbie, a creative and courageous blogger. But anti-semitism is always the first bullet fired by advocates of fear/anger/hate to intimidate the faint hearted. They do it through deception.

Deception? How is it deceptive to quote people’s own words? Debbie Menon, you’ll remember, is the one who wrote this:

This is the way the world is, and this is Israel, the remorseless, unprincipled barbaric in the most and truest sense, of nations. I think the ruthless barbaric sense of superiority and invincibility Israel is, is in the myth of their “Nation” if not their blood, for there is no such thing as an ethnic or blood Jew or “people.”  These God’s chosen people?  My God!

I tire of this charade, and it is time someone began calling these shenanigans, what it is, spades are spades, and naming Zionist Israelis for what they are and, not simply calling them to account, but going to their house, knocking on their door, dragging them out, holding their feet to the fire and calling them to account… at the end of a figurative rope if necessary, and virtual ropes if at all possible!

She also wrote this, in a column on Helen Thomas on June 10, 2010:

They [Jews] became unwanted and unwelcome guests in Babylon, Egypt, Palestine, Germany, Russia, Poland and just about everywhere else in the world they have ever settled in three thousand years, and now the world is witness to what they have done and continue to do with impunity to poor defenseless Palestinians in Palestine everyday. You’d think they would learn.

They did not become known as the “wandering Jew” without cause.  It’s time they faced up to the facts and begin mending their ways.  The world is getting fed up.

“Why do they hate us so?” they ask?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who are the most obnoxious and disliked people of us all?”

Mr. Interlocutor, look into the mirror and repeat the question!

In her column at Veterans Today, she frequently posts articles by other authors whose views I have to assume she agrees with. Here’s a sample:

Israel has never given a damn about a single American life, should anyone be so foolish and stupid to believe it cares about an Arab child?

Listen to its racist leaders across the political and religious spectrums who believe that the sole purpose of Gentiles is to serve the interest of Jews or die. (Mohamed Khodr, 11/20/2010)

[Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari]: The former Italian President had once said that Mossad had played a role in the 9/11 attacks. Is there any convincing evidence that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks? Can we rely on some implications including the five dancing Israelis who were seen cheering while the Twin Towers collapsed, or the closure of Zim Shipping Company’s headquarters at the World Trade Center two week before the 9/11 attacks?

[Former CIA intelligence officer Philip Giraldi]: Most intelligence officers believe that Israel, which was conducting a massive and illegal spy operation inside the U.S. aimed at Arabs living here, knew at least parts of the 9/11 conspiracy. It did not share that information and it is also clear that leading Israeli politicians welcomed the attacks because they made Washington a totally committed ally in full agreement with the Israeli view of Islamic terrorism. The Israel view, i.e. that anyone hostile to Israel is a terrorist, has done great damage to the United States because it has created enemies where no enemies previously existed. (Interview posted 10/15/2010)

Jeffrey Goldberg is the Israeli agent who is currently national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine….In a column published Oct. 12 on the website of The Atlantic magazine, Goldberg indicts the eminent Catholic historian and philosopher Joseph Sobran as a “Nazi.”

Sorry, Mr. Goldberg, but Mr. Sobran never “denied” World War II, or any battle therein; or that the persecution and murder of Judaics had actually occurred. He questioned the extent of the latter; a useful and worthy scientific inquiry which inquisitors like you can’t handle. This writer was present at Sobran’s speech in Irvine, California on June 22, 2002, when he asked, “Why on earth is it ‘anti-Jewish’ to conclude from the evidence that the standard numbers of Jews murdered are inaccurate, or that the Hitler regime, bad as it was in many ways, was not, in fact, intent on racial extermination? Surely these are controversial conclusions; but if so, let the controversy rage…”

It was Zionism’s de facto propaganda machine which, in the late 1960s, began referring to Adolf Hitler’s crackdown on Judaics as a “Holocaust,” and in this context the neologism was imposed as the standard against which all skeptics are now forever measured and judged. (Michael Hoffman, Holocaust revisionist, 10/15/2010–check out his web site and boggle at what Menon thought was a legitimate source)

But whereas extremism in other nationalist movements is an aberration, extremism in Jewish nationalism is the norm, pitting Zionist Jews (secular or observant) against the goyim (everyone else), who are either possible predator or certain prey, if not both sequentially. This does not mean that all Jews or all Israelis feel and act this way, by any means. But it does mean that Israel today is what it cannot avoid being, and what it would be under any electable government.

The differences between Jewish nationalism (Zionism) and that of other countries and cultures here I think are fourfold:

1. Zionism is a real witches’ brew of xenophobia, racism, ultra-nationalism, and militarism that places it way outside of a “mere” nationalist context — for example, when I was in Ireland (both parts) I saw no indication whatsoever that the PIRAs or anyone else pressing for a united Ireland had a shred of design on shoving Protestants into camps or out of the country, although there may well have been a handful who thought that way — and goes far beyond the misery for others professed by the Nazis; (Alan Sabrosky, 10/4/2010)

I could go on at great length, but what’s the point. Debbie Menon uses her space at Veterans Today to give oxygen to some of the lowest of the low, but she is herself, in Wall’s words, “a creative and courageous blogger,” and I’m being “deceptive” to call her an anti-Semite.

Back to Wall’s article:

A favorite technique of these bloggers is to associate any criticism of the policies of the state of Israel as “anti-semitic”, as though the policies of a government and a religion tradition are one and the same.

This is, not to put too fine a point on it, a load of crap. Wall knows nothing about me, but he just makes the standard accusation of anyone who objects to Israel being held to a moral standard to which no one nation is held. I’ve made clear in the past that there’s a lot about Israeli policy and practice that can and should be criticized, starting with its settlement policy. As for the distinction between “a government and a religion,” that’s a red herring. The reason why the Israel haters are referred to as anti-Semitic is because they maintain that the world’s only Jewish state is uniquely evil, uniquely guilty, uniquely culpable. It’s as though the Jews are the only people’s whose sins are worth examining, only Jewish sins are worth investigating, and only Jewish sins require condemnation and ostracism.

This tactic works for some people. But I find that the easy use of anti-semitism in a political discussion has largely lost its cache [sic–he means cachet] and become instead, an exploitation of an ugly and demeaning act of hatred.

The writers on Debbie Menon’s site, My Catbird Seat, are a varied lot, some of whom I had encounted earlier on the iternet.  I do not always agree with the style of all they write, but they are definitely more sensitive to the injustices suffered by Palestinians than any American Christian conservative bloggers I have yet to find on the internet.

So is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So is Anwar al-Awlaki. So is Osama bin Laden. What’s your point?

Now he gets to me:

My own brief moment in the vilification derby sun came recently when another Presbyterian blogger, a Reformed pastor [sic], employed the title, James Wall: Sewer Dweller, when he wrote about my most recent posting.

A rather nasty title, I confess, but this particular newly designated “Sewer Dweller” wears his title proudly, with the understanding that it is a merit badge on the way to the final goal of ending the immoral Israeli (not Jewish) Occupation of Palestinian land and people.

Right. Jews aren’t occupying the West Bank. It’s all those Methodist, Hindu, and Swedenborgian Israelis that are responsible. He goes on to refer to my calling Veterans Today as a “sludge bucket,” and responds:

The website Veterans Today is not a “sludge-bucket”.  It is a progressive website that sees injustice  and calls it for what it is, which explains why these days, I find myself more at home with my new friends at Veterans Today and My Catbird Seat than with any Presbyterian blogger who has failed to realize that the Israeli occupation is a moral evil which must be ended. Perhaps this is a new ecumenism of the faithful.

Words fail me. Apparently Wall is quite comfortable embracing as friends people like Gordon Duff and Joe Cortina, whose views I quoted here. Here’s another one of James Wall’s new friends, a guy named J.Bruce Campbell, a VT staff writer who penned this today, the lead story on the front page of this rag:

Disgrace and redemption. The disgrace is of course our acceptance of Jewish domination of our lives, thanks entirely to the mind control system of tax-exempt Christianity in which we are all immersed regardless of our piety, our agnosticism or our hard, heathen rejection. America is a Christian nation and that means that we have not been allowed to defend ourselves against Jews. Christianity protects Jews from being killed, which is its main purpose. That’s why it is tax-exempt.

American lies are Jewish lies. Since Jews control every important aspect of our lives through banking, finance, law, war, food & drugs and entertainment, we are literally floating on a reservoir of truth blocked by a dam of lies that keeps us from understanding anything about those several subjects, among many others. But now I’m thinking that we can break the dam that contains this reservoir, let out the truth and produce tremendous energy, which we would see in the form of anger. Anti-Jewish anger. When dams break we all need to get to high ground or be swept away. Big dams are impressive things but I think rivers are supposed to run. Truth also is meant to flow, not be dammed up by lies….

But we can’t bust this dam of lies if we’re using bad equipment. For example, it has not proven possible for Christians to defend themselves from Jewish aggression, beginning with the Jewish genocide of Christians in 1917, in Russia. Some say 20 million Christians were slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews in just a few years, some say a lot more. It was a lot, whatever the actual number. What could be the reason the Jews wanted to kill so many people?

At the other end of the Christian control scale, we see more and more Jews infiltrating Christian churches, pretending to be converts, welcomed with open arms by the faithful. Do the Christians suspect that their new friends are there to observe and perhaps suppress anti-Jewish sentiments? My wife and I reluctantly attended services at a church in Carmel, California at the invitation of a new friend. We were startled to be introduced to a member of the flock who quickly identified himself as a Jewish convert to Christianity. He had overheard my wife’s mild remarks about human rights after the sermon, was obviously determined to prevent any talk about the Palestinians and he interrupted with, “I suppose you’re against the war, as well!” He was referring to Bush’s invasion of Iraq (this was in 2006). My wife replied, “Well, naturally – aren’t you?” Here we were in a Presbyterian church, a place of peace, with an aggressive Jewish “convert” suppressing a guest’s humanitarian remarks that he knew could become criticism of Israel. I piped up and asked, “What about Jesus? Would Jesus support war?” His assignment: to prevent criticism of Israel.

It’s not as extreme as the Bolshevik version, but it’s the way American Christians have been controlled for decades and it’s worked very well. By keeping American Christians tame, the Jews have ruled Russia, England, America and Palestine and much of Europe. I’m not counting the destruction of Europe by the Jewish allies of World Wars I and II – just their passive-aggressive method in “peacetime.” We only think it’s peacetime because the Jews are always at war, as they explained in the Jewish Protocols. You don’t need to read all twenty-four of them – just one. Any one. See if you think it’s “a forgery.”…

So far, there has been only one modern country that has tried to remove Jews from power. We know what happened to the Germans. Or do we? I doubt that most Americans will ever know what was done to them in our name. Millions killed during the war but many more millions killed by us after the war.

here’s the point: we were on the wrong side in World War II. Or rather, we were the wrong side, the Capitalist-Communist side. We destroyed a country and a people that were only trying to defend themselves from the most horrific, beastly war criminals in human history: Us and our Soviet partners.

Germany was the good side. That’s the big bitter pill that Americans will someday have to swallow. Now that the vicious fairy tale known as the Holocaust has been shown to be a complete fabrication of the Jewish Allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) at Nuremberg, what exactly is there to dislike about Germany’s behavior before, during and after World War II? Those snappy uniforms? Hitler’s mustache? Rounding up Jewish declared enemies and trying to deport them?

Okay, Germany was wrong to send Khazar Jews to Palestine. Very wrong. They should have sent them to New York, where they belong. FDR wouldn’t have taken them, however.

I bring all this up so that you can feel free to criticize Jews and feel absolutely no guilt at being compared with the Nazis.

I hope you’re proud of the new friends you’ve found at Veterans Today and My Catbird Seat, Mr. Wall. I’m sure you’ll be very happy together. Please excuse me now. I have to go throw up, and then take a shower.

UPDATE: Please note that the first comment under Campbell’s obscene ravings belongs to VT senior editor and My Catbird Seat contributing writer Gordon Duff, whose comment in its entirety is:


UPDATE: Demonstrating yet again the slimy ties between elements of the anti-Israel left in the mainline churches, we have this Facebook post from the PCUSA’s Israel Palestine Mission Network:

Americans who speak out against Israeli human rights violations are villified – please support Jim Wall’s latest post on his site!

This is an appropriate time to remind readers that my latest series of posts on Israel is not about Veterans Today or My Catbird Seat. Those are the dregs of the Internet, and they will have to account to God for their spreading hate. This is about those who collaborate with them: James Wall, the IPMN, the mainline church-supported US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. There is a darkness at the heart of the anti-Israel movement in the mainline churches, and it must be exposed.