The PCUSA’s Israel Palestine Mission Network is again linking to an anti-Semitic web site. This time it’s Salem News, which claims to be news of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but which is actually run by the same people who run the anti-Semitic sewer Veterans Today. The article in question is by Mazin Qumsiyeh, a professor at Bethlehem and Birzeit universities.

Qumsiyeh is an interesting character. He is a Palestinian Christian who has taught in the U.S., and says that he is or has been an adviser to the National Council of Churches and Sabeel-North America, has served on the steering committee of the mainline church-supported U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and was a co-founder of Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (an organization with ties to, among others, the Stalinist-controlled International ANSWER). He is also an advocate for the dismantling of Israel, and its incorporation into a single state in the Holy Land that would be dominated by the Palestinians, having even written a book about it. He is also (surprise!) a contributing writer to the anti-Semitic VT sister-site My Catbird Seat.

His piece in the Salem News is about what you’d expect. It’s about Bethlehem, and it’s “apartheid wall” this and “racist settlers” that, the usual stuff. It also contains a couple of howlers:

Christmas day was spent mostly in Hebron old city including in a demonstration against the racist settlers who continue to attempt to destroy the old city.

There are 120,000 Palestinians living in Hebron. There are 500 Jewish settlers (who, I will readily grant, have no business being there, and are among the nastiest members of the settler tribe). How 500 Jews are going to “destroy” Hebron is beyond me. Maybe just by being there.

We are the descendents of those first believing Shepherds who saw the star and believed in Jesus. Jesus born in a country called Palestine was thus Palestinian by birth but when he grew up he also challenged a Jewish ruler (Herod) put in place by a Western government.

So the shepherds of the Christmas story were Palestinians, and Jesus was a Palestinian–despite the fact that the Palestinians are Arabs, and Arabs didn’t live in the Levant until after the Islamic invasion of the 7th century. Whatever.

This is the second time in less than a week that IPMN has linked to a VT staff writer at a site other than VT. Apparently they think that if they don’t link to the sewer directly, they won’t come up smelling like garbage. Nice try, folks.

For those of you whose blood pressure is a little low, a reminder of the kind of people IPMN is associating itself with. This is from a piece by J. Bruce Campbell, a staff writer for Veterans Today (he hasn’t been published by Salem News yet, but it’s only a matter of time), whose latest screed includes the following:

In an essay called Jewish Rule, I wrote that American men have to accept responsibility for what the Jews have maneuvered our government to do to the rest of the world. One reader thought this was an outrageous idea and that it was in conflict with my accusation of the Jews for all their crimes against humanity. Yes, the Jews are responsible for all the death and destruction, but we are responsible for allowing them to have it done by our government, in our name. Either we are men or we are slaves to the Jews. Which one would you say we are?

The Jews destroyed Lebanon again, just a few years ago. That’s what the Jews do. The Jews stole over two trillion dollars from the Pentagon. That’s also what they do. The Jews knocked down the World Trade Center because they didn’t want to pay to demolish it legally. That sort of insurance fraud is known as “Jewish lightning.”

The most responsible man in the world right now is an Iranian engineer named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That makes him the most powerful man in the world. He is the role model, the man we need to emulate. Not only is he the president of Iran, but he has been accused for years of being one of the revolutionaries who took the 52 American embassy personnel hostage and held them for 444 days.

All American diplomats are spies whose jobs are to subvert and undermine the countries in which they work, and to place paid stooges in power. What our government did to the Iranians was so outrageous, but it took them about twenty-five years to get even a little.

The Iranians are perfectly within their rights to attack the United States based on the many reports of our and Israel’s plan to attack them. The fact is, though, that Moslems do not engage in unprovoked action. They generally don’t engage in very drastic action even when they are provoked, although they have flexed their muscles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, purely in self-defense. But we have driven them into a corner, and even a rabbit will bite you if you give it no way out of a corner. If Moslems were as murderous as the Jews claim, Israel would no longer exist as a Zionist entity. It is the Jews and Judaized Americans and Englishmen who attack without provocation, as they continue to prove. Jews are the masters of murder, as they proved with the USS Liberty, 9/11, in Lebanon, not to mention their genocide of Palestinians, of Russians and Ukrainians – and Germans.

(Hat tip: Viola Larsen.)