The PCUSA’s Israel Palestine Mission Network sinks yet deeper into the muck of anti-Semitism on its Facebook page today. It links to an article from left-wing site Common Dreams from a guy named John Whitbeck, a lawyer who has advised the Palestinian Authority in negotiations with Israel.

Now, here’s the thing: on its Facebook page, this is what the IPMN chose to highlight in its comment on the article:

Quote: Western politicians and the western media customarily apply the term “international community” to the United States and whatever countries are willing to publicly support it on a given issue, and apply the term “rogue state” to any country that actively resists Israeli-American global domination.

Israeli-American global domination? Folks, we’re talking Protocols of the Elders of Zion territory here. I mean, American domination I can see–superpower, world’s biggest economy, etc. But Israel? Of course, the paranoids of both far left and far right think Israel essentially runs the U.S., that everything America does it does because it’s been ordered to do so by its Zionist masters, so….

We’re also talking about that strange, schizophrenic condition that I think of as “John Birch Syndrome,” because I first encountered it years ago researching the John Birch Society. On the one hand, the IPMN repeatedly links to articles trumpeting Israel’s growing isolation in the world, then on the other it links to stories that warn of Israeli plans for world domination.

So how much more of this is it going to take before the PCUSA realizes that the IPMN is an excruciating embarrassment and cuts it loose as an official denominational organization?