Well, at least it’s not “Where’s Waldo?” According to the Guardian from the U.K., there’s not much room for being unable to find…anything:

A Catholic youth group has shocked its religious superiors in Mallorca by producing a calendar that features a nude version of the passion of Christ.

The calendar features a semi-naked trio of young men raising the cross on which Jesus will be crucified and a Last Supper whose protagonists wear only crotch-hugging underwear. In other shots the protagonists are entirely naked, covering their genitalia with plumed roman helmets (above).

“It is a daring and original idea that emerged because we are young and wanted to do something new,” a group member, Antoni Company, told Ultima Hora newspaper.

“We’re young and wanted to do something new.” Didn’t John Belushi say something like that in Animal House?

The bishopric of Mallorca, however, has criticised them for shocking their more traditional elders. “It turns Easter week into something banal,” the bishopric said in a stern written admonition. “It does not respect Christian symbols and is insensitive to Catholic feelings.”

You tell ’em, Bishop. You might also have added that it they made you cry, and that the plumage on the Roman helmets was garish. I mean, is this really the best he could do by way of indicating how wrong this is?

The calendar marks the 20th anniversary of the Davallament Youth Association, one of whose principal tasks is to act out the passion of Christ in a fully-clothed version every Easter.

“It all came from the need to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said Pep Mas, the group’s co-ordinator. “The actors are the same people who take part in the Easter week representation, and the pictures are shot in the same places. I don’t think, after all these years, that anyone can doubt our dedication.”

I can just imagine the conversation:

“OK, guys, we need to celebrate 20 years of portraying the Passion of Jesus Christ. How should we do that?”

“Why don’t we all pose naked for a calendar?”

“That’s brilliant! I’ll bet no one has ever thought of that before.”

I’m guessing no one pointed out that there might be a reason for that.

The town’s mayor, Joan Magro, approves. “The calender is very original,” he said. “The pictures are artistic and the models show what they have.”

And that’s what we should all be afraid of.