45% of Americans believe President Obama was born in Kenya and is holding office illegally.  8 out of 10 of these believe the president is gay and a affiliated with organized crime.

All support the arrest of President Obama for treason.  The majority have expressed the desire to see the president assassinated.

This group, America’s “nutters” include 99% of America’s white Evangelical Christians.  In fact, it is almost exclusively made of people from this unique “Christian” sect.

The same group is even more hostile to Jews though Evangelical Christians openly support “Zionism” and the return of Jews to Israel, by force if necessary, as part of their belief in “apocalypse” prophesy.

Gordon Duff, Veterans Today editor, contributor to My Catbird Seat, “new friend” to Christian Century contributing editor James Wall, and occasional IPMN source, just makin’ stuff up (his concern for Jews is touching, however; I wonder if he’ll clue his staff writer, neo-Nazi J. Bruce Campbell [“All Julius Streicher did was tell the truth about Jews”], in on his new-found love of the Hebes)