The anti-Semitism that runs through the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Center is well-established. (I just wrote about the latest bigoted blast from Sabeel head Naim Ateek a few days ago.) Now, former emergent guru, current religious leftist Brian McLaren has jumped on the Sabeel bandwagon. At his web site, he comments on the statement that was made at the end of the most recent Sabeel conference:

This statement from Sabeel deserves your attention … especially if you are a Christian in America.

He then quotes the statement in its entirety and concludes:

If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, can you do so without praying for a resolution to the current conflict that is pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-Jew, pro-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-justice, and pro-reconciliation? I’m thankful for courageous voices like these raised in behalf of peace through truth, justice, mutual respect, the dignity of every person, and reconciliation. The alternative of seeking peace through half-truth, injustice, favoritism, hypocrisy, and domination is not the way of Jesus or the kingdom of God.

So what did the statement include to warrant such glowing praise?

Sabeel’s Eighth International Conference To Our Friends and All People of Conscience As the margins of Empire began to crumble in the Arab world, Sabeel’s Eighth International Conference convened in Bethlehem inside the prison walls of imperial rule. We, the participants,300 people from 15 countries, met from 23rd to 28th February, 2011, to discuss “Challenging Empire: God, Faithfulness and Resistance,” surrounded by the unavoidable and cruel effects of empire’s rule on the Palestinian people and their land.

Yeah, that’s some prison, and some empire, when 300 activists from around the world can get together and hate on the supposed jailers.

We heard how Jesus resisted the arrogance, violence and repression of Empire and became a model for us when he drove out the money changers and confirmed the people’s independence from Caesar.

Huh? The moneychangers were Jews who were as much oppressed by the Romans as any other. As for “independence from Caesar,” I have no clue what that means or to what it refers.

Jesus helps us overcome fear and stand in solidarity against Empire. We must follow his example and pray for his courage to resist imperial power, aligning ourselves with the poorest and most oppressed.

Oh, you mean in North Korea, or Iran, or Darfur, or Zimbabwe, or…oh, never mind.

We support the Kairos Palestine document and encourage all Christians to read it and act on it.

I take it that McLaren, by his comment, is here endorsing this vile document that lays the fault for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict entirely on Israel, and ignores both the history of Arab aggression and the reality of terrorism.

Confronting the root causes of the conflict, this document urges all Christians and people of conscience to help end the military occupation that deprives Palestinians of their rights and condemns both peoples, Israelis and Palestinians, to a distortion of their humanity. We see boycott and divestment as non-violent tools for justice, peace and security for all.

And apparently McLaren has also endorsed the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, which is led by extreme leftists whose ultimate aim is the destruction of the Jewish state.

As we depart this conference we hold the United States responsible for the obstacles it has placed in the path of peace, including its veto of a U.N. resolution that condemned Israeli settlement building in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, contrary to U.S. policy stating that settlements are illegal.

Right. The United States has built obstacles to peace, despite numerous attempts to broker a peace giving Palestinian 95% of what they demand, all of which have been rebuffed. Oh, and as I mentioned the other day, the last statement is simply false, though it makes for good propaganda.

Now compare this statement with McLaren’s response, and draw your own conclusions about the author of A New Kind of Christian and A New Kind of Christianity.