There’s an article at the United Church of Christ’s web site about some of the goofy ways liberal Christians are observing Lent (among them: a “carbon fast,” which presumably means the participants won’t be exhaling between now and Easter). But what actually interested me was a DVD series that’s mentioned that “while not specifically intended as a curriculum for Lent, would be a welcome addition to a church or small group Lenten series.”

Called “Saving Jesus: Redux” (whatever that means), the list of contributors suggests that the producers were trying to stuff every heresy they could think of into one set. Among the heresiarchs are John Spong, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Rita Nakashima Brock, Matthew Fox, John Cobb, and Hans Kung. I guess Marcion and Arius weren’t available.

I will admit that I haven’t seen it and have no intention of seeing it, so perhaps I’m being unfair. It may be that these esteemed personages are only seen in the series so that UCC congregations will have the pleasure of hearing their collective nonsense refuted. I consider that possibility as likely as the prospect of Pope Benedict XVI eloping next week with Lindsay Lohan, but hey, it’s not mathematically impossible, is it?