I seem to have made the small time. San Francisco Indymedia writer “Dave Id” picked up on my post about First Presbyterian Church of Oakland hosting the anti-Israel tour “Never Again for Anyone,” of  which even he offers a completely sympathetic account. For some reason, he takes a swipe at me:

The local chapters of Voice of Israel and Stand With Us sponsored this little protest: https://reformedpastor.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/presbyterians-host-israel-haters/. David Fischler, the “Reformed Pastor” in the post linked here, notes that “IJAN is explicitly dedicated to the destruction of Israel (which it refers to as the ‘decolonization of Palestine’) and its replacement with a single state in the Holy Land.” Heaven forbid everyone in Israel/Palestine would have the right to vote as equals.

Please note that he doesn’t dispute my characterization of IJAN or their little hatefest. Instead, he bizarrely states that it’s all about the “right to vote as equals.” Of course, Palestinians already have that right in Israel, as well as run for and sit in the Knesset, just like Jews in the Palestinian terr…oh, wait, there aren’t any Jews in the areas under control of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, just as are there few if any Jews left in most of the countries of the Middle East, because they’ve been expelled. That’s what Hamas, as least (impossible to say about Fatah, since it’s not clear from one week to the next which faction has the upper hand, or who is calling the shots), has said it would do if it got control of the entire Holy Land: expel (or kill) all the Jews. That fact apparently carries no weight with IJAN or its Presbyterian enablers, for whom there are no human rights abusers anywhere else in the world, and Israel is the equivalent–or worse–of Nazi Germany. See the linked article above for the details, such as this:

Dr. Hajo Meyer begins by remarking that those outside with the Israeli flags remind him of a time when he was ten years old and Nazis with flags stormed the building where he was giving a speech. He notes that you don’t need gas chambers for genocide as there are many kinds.

Right. People waving Israeli flags are just like Nazis with flags.

UPDATE: Couldn’t resist passing this along. As a companion to the above article, SF Indymedia last month had a story on placards that had been placed in Bay Area Rapid Transit stations. It began this way:

“Stop Palestinian Leaders From Teaching Hate & Violence – Say Yes to Peace,” read the text-only advertisements currently found in several BART stations in San Francisco. The ads purport to advocate “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians, but attacking those with whom one claims to want peace is an odd way of doing so. The ads are just wrong on many levels.

San Francisco lefties: even they don’t listen to one another any more.