The “Spirit of Life” fair that the Church of England’s Manchester Cathedral is running on May 2 has put up a “provisional programme” of events, exhibitors and so on. Among the stalls will be:

Two Church Mice: Cards, gemstones, saints, and healing.

Penny Horsemen: Jesus Deck readings.

Celtic Springs: Christian travellers in the New Age. Jesus Deck and Christian creation cards.

Among the workshops will be:

Healing Serpent (Pauline Warner): Looking for inspiration in the Old Testament bible stories about M oses and Aaron in Egypt, we find that the God of Moses was the Great Serpent, the Protector and Deliverer.

Angelic Encounters (John and Olive Drane): Angels are all around us, if only weareopentotheir presence.

Christianity and the Goddess (Steve Hollinghurst): Exploring the relationship between the Goddess and Christian tradition to uncover the divine feminine in Christianity.

So is there really any doubt about what is going on there?