Have any doubts that the mainline church-supported U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation supports terrorism on the part of the Palestinians? Check out this article by national advocacy director Josh Ruebner, in which he wrotes:

Israel may be forgiven for failing to realize the current fiscal woes of the United States. After all, U.S. military aid to Israel not only sailed unscathed through last week’s passage of the 2011 budget, but reached the record level of $3 billion.

The United States additionally provided Israel $415 million for procurement, research and development of joint U.S.-Israeli missile defense projects, including $205 million to fund Israel’s newly-deployed Iron Dome system.

This anti-missile battery already has altered significantly the strategic balance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when Israel successfully shot down incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip earlier this month. With the assured diplomatic backing of the United States to prevent Israel from being held accountable by the international community for its illegal blockade, Iron Dome will embolden Israel to tighten its siege and escalate its attacks on the occupied Gaza Strip by providing its citizens with additional protection against retaliatory fire. [Emphasis added.]

U.S. military aid to Israel is certainly a debatable issue. But what Ruebner is specifically objecting to–Iron Dome–is an anti-missile system that is being used for the narrow mission of protecting civilians from being targeted by Hamas, such targeting being a war crime and terrorism by any definition. He uses the term “retaliatory fire,” and objects that the opportunity for such is being denied Hamas. He further acknowledges that such fire will fall on the “citizens” of Israel, also known as civilians, also known as those who are protected from being deliberately targeted in war. This also demonstrates that the USCEIO objects to Israel’s right to defend itself, no matter how much it says otherwise.

Ruebner is the official mouthpiece for an organization that receives support, including financial support, from several of the mainline denominations, and includes a former moderator of the PCUSA General Assembly (Fahed Abu-Akel) on its advisory board, as well as the executive secretary for human rights/racial justice at the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church (David Wildman) on its steering committee. If these men object to Ruebner supporting the targeting of civilians by Hamas in their names, they should say so. Otherwise, we’ve got to assume that they support it as well.