One of America’s foremost advocates of legalized murder “assisted suicide” has himself been harvested by the Grim Reaper. According to Reuters:

Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian, known as “Dr. Death” for helping more than 100 people end their lives, died early Friday at age 83, his lawyer said.

Figures that it was his lawyer that put out the news.

Kevorkian, recently found to have liver cancer, died from a pulmonary embolism, said Neal Nicol, a longtime friend who aided him in nearly all of his 130 admitted assisted suicides.

So the man who was so quick to kill people, even those who were physically healthy but suffering from depression, didn’t kill himself in the face of liver cancer. What a surprise.

A pathologist, Kevorkian was focused on death and dying long before he ignited a polarizing national debate over assisted suicide by crisscrossing Michigan in a rusty Volkswagen van hauling a machine to help sick and suffering people end their lives.

That’s the propaganda line. In fact, many of the people he killed were suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses, and in at least a few instances were not ill at all except in mind. Only a small number of them were actually terminal.

Some viewed him as a hero who allowed the terminally ill to die with dignity, while his harshest critics reviled him as a cold-blooded killer who preyed on those suffering from chronic pain and depression. Most of his clients were middle-aged women.

In other words, people he could prey on in service to his obsession with death.

“Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a rare human being,” his longtime attorney Geoffrey Fieger told reporters Friday.

Thank God for that.

“It’s a rare human being who can single-handedly take on an entire society by the scruff of its neck and force it to focus on the suffering of other human beings.”

Right. Because no one else cared a lick about suffering until Jack Kevorkian started bumping off people with treatable illnesses.

“People have taken a long hard honest look at death and I think that is probably his legacy,” his friend Nicol said. “He would have liked to have done more, but those eight years in prison just took it out of him.”

Right. Because no one had ever given much thought to death before Jack Kevorkian came along to make pikers (at least in terms of numbers) out of people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson.

As a doctor, (one who never treated live patients until he started helping them become dead patients), Jack Kevorkian was a solipsistic, cold-blooded, death-obsessed ghoul in the mold of Joseph Mengele. As a human being, he has now fallen into the hands of a God in whom he did not believe, according to his repeated public statements. He can only hope that God has more mercy on him than he had on his victims.