Remember the bizarre anti-circumcision referendum that is going to be voted on in San Francisco? I thought it was being pushed by a bunch of sexually obsessed nuts with no regard for the First Amendment. Turns out that, the outfit behind this effort, is actively, viciously anti-Semitic. Their campaign includes a comic book hero called–I kid you not–Foreskin Man, who’s mission in life is to battle those determined to scar infant boys for life, including evil rabbis who thirst for baby blood. The drawings and dialogue look like something out of an edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, except instead of political power or economic wealth, what the Jooooooos want more than anything else is to mutilate little boys:

In volume 2 of this opus (warning: very slow load time), a family is celebrating a bris when in breaks the mohel with a couple of goons. Turns out the wife didn’t want their son circumcised, but the husband did. As the mohel is preparing to do the dirty deed, Our Blonde Blue-Eyed Nordic Body-Building Hero, clad in the obligatory tights, bursts in to stop the atrocity. The mohel says that he won’t be stopped, and he’ll come back and bag his coveted foreskin at another time. So what does Our Hero do? He kidnaps the child, and delivers him to an Amazon-looking “Intactivist” (clever, huh?) who says, “we’ll raise him as one of our own.” (Check here and here for further frames from this dreck.) In other words, there are more than enough anti-Semitic tropes here to make Julius Streicher beam with pride at what his disciple has brought forth.

Matt Hess, the dunce behind the campaign and the comic book,  when asked if this trash was anti-Semitic, told Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle that “A lot of people have said that, but we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic. We’re trying to be pro-human rights.” Riiiiiiiight. And Hamas was just trying to help some Jewish kids into heaven when it bombed that bus back in April.

Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice notes that it is possible for reasonable people to disagree about the advisability of circumcision from a medical standpoint. One can make an argument against it because it deprives the individual of choice, or because it hurts the baby. But no: decided instead that they could best persuade the voters of San Francisco to side with them by putting out a piece of propaganda that a rabid ferret would recognize as anti-Semitic.

I can’t wait until they put out one where the villain is The Insatiable Imam.

(By the way, it seems that Hess has followers on Facebook who are trying to argue that this isn’t anti-Semitic, that it’s a work of art in defense of helpless babies, and that anyone who says otherwise is a dopey poopyhead. One idiot even used the line that “Foreskin Man is no more ‘anti-Semitic’ than Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’ is ‘anti-Christian.'” Yeah, that’s a real effect defense. Check it out, and see how low political and social discourse has sunk in this country.)