It’s nice to know that the liberal Episcopalians Catholics who held a conference this past weekend in Detroit were right about one thing. According to Reuters:

Members of a liberal group of U.S. Roman Catholics on Sunday called on Church leaders to open talks with their members on controversies ranging from the ordination of women to allowing priests to marry.

Members of the American Catholic Council, meeting in Detroit, said they had grown concerned the church’s hierarchy was not listening to its members on issues such as the role of women, married clergy and the treatment of homosexuals.

This is the one thing they were right about. The Vatican is not listening to them, and has no more intention of listening to them screech about turning Roman Catholicism into American Episcopalianism than it is going to listen to Harold Camping for advice about how to go about being the Whore of Babylon.

“When in God’s name are the conversations going to begin?” asked Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun who addressed the meeting of about 2,000 people — part of a liberal wing that represents a minority in the 1.2 billion-member Church.

When you grow up and stop banging you spoon on your high chair, and insist that a church of a billion people kowtow to a handful of Americans who think that 21st century moral and theological relativism is the way to go.

Some of the people attending the meeting said they were frustrated by local bishops’ unwillingness to discuss their views on issues including the treatment of women.

“They refuse to talk about married priests and the ordination of women,” said Edward Ruetz, an 85-year-old retired priest who traveled to the meeting from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The former is an issue of discipline that can be changed at any time. As for the latter, Rome’s refusal to talk about it makes as much sense as it’s refusal to reconsider the doctrine of the Trinity. Bull-headed obtuseness is all it is.

“They have to listen to us, we want to have an open dialogue,” said Henk Baas, 58, who traveled to the meeting from the Netherlands, part of a European delegation that included visitors from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Well, no, Henk, actually they don’t.