Paul, in the Bible, tells my wife to be silent in church, screw St. Paul, screw him!

Frankie Schaeffer, son of evangelical icon Francis Schaeffer, at the “Wild Goose Festival,” a religious left shindig down in North Carolina last weekend (Frankie Schaeffer years ago converted to another form of Christianity he doesn’t understand, Eastern Orthodoxy)

UPDATE: For more on the Wild Goose Festival, check out this series of articles in the National Catholic Register (Christian Century meets Sojourners for the Catholic left). This passage from the last of Patrick O’Neill’s five articles probably tells you all you need to know:

Organizers wondered, in the U.S. — where less tolerant, less inclusive manifestations of Christianity are abundant — would there still be room for a festival that championed religious diversity, pluralism, the inclusion of gays and lesbians, and many open mic events where people could simply tell their stories of love, pain, rejection, faith, joy and hope?

The answer was a resounding, “Yes,” said Wild Goose board member Karla Yaconelli, who dreamed of a U.S. version of Greenbelt ever since she first travelled to England from the U.S. to attend that festival 25 years ago.

(Hat tip: James H.)