It made sense in my great-grandfather’s day when we thought blood has magical properties, when we thought God shuts the windows of heaven to stop the rain, when we believed God could halt the movement of sun and moon; but that day has ended as all days must. Now such claims make a mockery of all that has been discovered and is now relied upon in the modern era. We can no longer claim that the Scriptures are a product of Divine dictation because we know they emerged through centuries of theological reflection in the context of diverse political, sociological, and economic circumstances. We can no longer point to a time when humanity was perfect then fell from grace, because we know creation itself is a process of evolution, a creative dance from death to new life. Our mythic faith has been deconstructed; resistance is futile; the Force is now with us . . . but of course our members have now left us.

And why not? After imbibing the deconstructionist claims of postmodernity, we know that exclusive claims to truth have no foundation. My great-grandfather’s context of meaning, which once gave purpose and meaning to life, has disintegrated. [Emphasis added.]

–Rev. Sam Alexander, pastor of First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) of San Rafael, CA, writing at; Pastor Sam is a man so fearless he doesn’t even know the meaning of the term “internal contradiction”