The horrific events in Norway on Friday are the kind that leave one speechless. In the face of such unbridled evil, the responses of prayer, comfort, and help for the survivors and their families are probably the best, along with ensuring swift justice for the perpetrator.

Then there are the exploiters, the vultures who come flying in to flay whatever their pet peeve or ideology or cause is. Count the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the PCUSA among these, as they link their Facebook page today to an article that immediately seeks to do just that.

It comes from something called MCW (“Media With Conscience,” which is now listed in dictionaries under the definition of irony, and which seems to be yet another outlet for many of the same kind of lunatics that populate the pages of Veterans Today). The article is entitled, “Was the Massacre in Norway a Reaction to BDS?” (BDS stands for “boycott, divestment, sanctions” directed at Israel.) The writer is one of the staff creeps from VT, Gilad Atzmon, who writes:

Gordon Duff wrote yesterday in “Veterans Today” that the “car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency.  Nobody else bothers with such things.”

In the article of Duff’s that Atzmon links, Duff essentially says without any proof whatsoever that there are “two primary suspects” in the massacre, Israel and Libya, and thinks that they would have worked together.

And indeed it is after all, pretty clear that a car bomb of such magnitude, and an operation of such sophistication is not exactly something a layman can put together with such apparent ease: it would surely take some specialist knowledge, and the question here is, who could provide such knowledge, and such a vast amount of lethal explosives?

I am not in a position at present to firmly point a finger at Israel, its agents, or its sayanim — but assembling the information together, and considering all possibilities may suggest that Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily.

Being an admirer of Israel, Behring Breivik does appear to have treated his fellow countrymen in the same way that the IDF treats Palestinians.

Atzmon is a classic anti-Semitic Jew, one whose far left ideology forms the basis for his anti-Semitism. He doesn’t need evidence for his calumnies, just suppositions, conjectures, and assumptions that “may suggest” something thoroughly vile, because his default position is that if something terrible happens in the world, it must be the fault of Israel, or Israel’s stooge, the United States. But this is a new low, even for one of Veterans Today’s most brain-damaged ranters.

By the way, this article also appeared at Veterans Today this morning. Because of the attention that I and others have given to the VT-IPMN connection, the latter has been careful to generally avoid linking to the former’s swill in recent months. The fact that they get this from a different source, however, makes not one whit of difference. Atzmon is a vulture, and IPMN is, too.

UPDATE: My friend Viola Larson has also written on this, and provided further quotes from the cesspool. I left this comment on her post, and think I need to add it here:

Do it once, you can be excused for ignorance. Do it twice, and maybe you’re just letting things slide. The IPMN has linked over and over again to people whose agenda is not reconciliation in the Holy Land, but the destruction of Israel, and who believe that Israel is the fount of all evil in the world today. IPMN can no longer be excused on the basis of ignorance, or even the blindness that results from upholding a righteous cause. They have made clear that they agree with the anti-Semites and the conspiracy theorists. They should have no more of a place in a mainline denomination than white supremacists or wife-beating misogynists, and it says something about how far the rot has gone in the PCUSA that the IPMN is still a recognized caucus with access to denominational resources.