James Wall, Christian Century contributing editor and friend of anti-Semites, again demonstrates the double standard that anti-Israel fanatics employ. It revolves around, of all things, swimming:

The New York Times‘ Ethan Bronner reports that West Bank Palestinian women and girls have again broken Israeli laws to go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. This is Rosa Parks country, folks.

Did the women in question go from the West Bank to Gaza (in other words, from one Palestinian territory to another)? No. With the help of some seriously misguided Israelis, they went from the West Bank to Tel Aviv. That means it wasn’t “Rosa Parks country” at all. A better way to look at it is as “Sonora Desert country,” which is to say it more closely resembles the illegal traffic in Mexican nationals across the border with Arizona.

Bronner actually evoked Parks’ name in his report. Did his editors think we would not notice?

So an idiot New York Times reporter made a false comparison between Rosa Parks and those who have no consideration for the sovereign border of a neighboring country. Where’s the news in that?

Here is that connection: Rosa Parks deliberately violated an unjust Alabama segregation law. The Palestinian and Israeli women and girls who crossed the Israeli segregation border, broke Israeli laws.

So get this: Israeli control of its own borders, its exercise of its sovereign responsibility to regulate who does and does not enter its country, now constitutes “segregation.”

Palestinians living a few miles from the coast reach adulthood without ever seeing or entering the Mediterranean Sea because they live behind a barrier of an occupation of their land that is illegal under international law.

If there was no Israeli presence on the West Bank whatsoever, Palestinians would still have no right to cross Israel in order to get to the sea. That’s what happens when you don’t have a seacoast, which presumably Wall wants Israel to give to the Palestinians in the West Bank. The separation fence between Israel and the West Bank that has been so successful in stopping terrorist attacks plays no role at all in preventing West Bankers from getting to the Med.

Next up: The September United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City, where the Palestinian Authority will formally request UN membership, and quite possibly, full statehood status.  The first step will be a request to the Security Council, which has a membership of 15. It is in this body that, even if the PA obtains the necessary majority of 8 votes, the US has announced that it will cast yet another pro-Israel veto.

Wall, of course, supports this. He also supports the removal of all Jewish residents of the West Bank, which would make the latter as Judenrein as Gaza. So to summarize: Palestinians should be able to move freely in and out of the sovereign state of Israel whenever they wish. For Israel to deny Palestinians the freedom to do so constitutes “apartheid.” Palestinians should be given their own sovereign state, in which no Jews should be allowed to live. To do so is right and just.

In the mind of an anti-Semite, perhaps.

UPDATE: Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini, writing for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), take apart the article on which Wall hangs his hat:

The article alternates between the group’s shrill criticism of Israel’s security policy and its members’ ludicrous moral preening, interspersed with mawkish descriptions of the Palestinian women’s innocent joy after a life of alleged privations….

It is not only the extreme words of the group that is disturbing; it is that they put out false information, and that the reporter does not bother to challenge it. An Israeli newspaper advertisement by the group is quoted extensively. (In Israel, the group has to pay for such advertising. The New York Times gives it to them here for free.) The ad alleges that Israel’s Law of Entry “allows every Israeli and every Jew to move freely in all regions between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River while depriving Palestinians of this same right.”

In fact, the law says no such thing. Current restrictions on freedom of movement apply both to Palestinians and Israeli Jews and are a direct result of the security threat presented to Israel and Israeli citizens. Both Palestinians and Israelis had complete freedom of movement “between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River” until after the first intifada, when Palestinian violence against Israelis began to rise. Today, Israeli Jews are barred from entering Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank, while Palestinians are issued permits to cross Israel’s pre-67 boundaries. So the advertisement is simply false.

Read it all.