…and no one will get hurt by your ignorance. I kind of wish someone had said that to a reporter for the Toronto Star before he unleashed it on the world in a story on Catholic schools in Canada. Evidently there are some parents who, for various reasons, are thinking of taking their children out of said schools. Among them are parents of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox faith. The reporter, Murray Whyte, wanted to make the point that there aren’t that many differences between Catholics and Orthodox, and let loose this howler:

Though most in the Coptic Orthodox community send their children to Catholic school, they are not Catholic themselves. The differences are slight — they use the same liturgies, though Orthodox Christians differ from Roman Catholics in their belief that the Pope is a human being, not a divine figure — which has meant Coptic Orthodox children most often are sent to Catholic school. [Emphasis added.]

I sometimes think it would be better if newspapers simply acted as if religion of any kind didn’t exist. Better to be ignored than misrepresented in ways that anyone who has access to a public library could fact check.

(Via Five Feet of Fury.)