Does it seem as though every time we turn on the news or check the Interwebs, there’s another story providing evidence of the extraordinary evil that is Planned Parenthood? The latest comes from Mississippi, where there there is a constitutional amendment under discussion that would confer personhood on the unborn child. Needless to say, Planned Parenthood considers this an unacceptable impingement on its profits abortion rights, and so opposes it–in a way guaranteed to improve its chances for passage. According to One News Now:

A speaker at a recent state-sponsored meeting on the Mississippi Personhood Amendment has been exposed as something other than what he claimed to be.

Vincent Lachina attended last week’s meeting in Tupelo, wearing a clerical collar, claiming to have a connection with Mississippi for the Mississippi-only meeting, and stating he was ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention. He spoke against the proposed constitutional amendment (Initiative 26), which will appear on the November ballot.

A “Southern Baptist” minister wearing a clerical collar? I’m sure all those folks in Tupelo bought that one. I guess he thought that would be more convincing than the Pope costume he wore last Halloween.

“And as it turns out, he is a homosexual activist and a chaplain for Planned Parenthood out of Seattle, Washington,” states Les Riley, who heads the Personhood Mississippi movement. American Family Association’s Jacob Dawson discovered the truth about Lachina while in the audience and revealed his discovery there.

I’m sure the Southern Baptist claim combined with the collar was so incongruous that of course someone immediately turned to the web to find out if they were dealing with a fibber. It turns out that he used to be a Southern Baptist before he got that old time baby-killing religion.

According to information about Lachina that has since been removed from the Planned Parenthood Washington website, he is actually aligned with two left-wing denominations — the American Baptist Conference and the United Church of Christ.

Wow, I sure didn’t see that coming.

Especially given that this was supposed to be for Mississippians only, Live Action raises an excellent question:

This revelation means that a Planned Parenthood Chaplain traveled from Washington State to Mississippi and made false religious claims to influence Mississippi voters against a pro-life ballot measure.

Questions now are being raised over Planned Parenthood’s involvement in Lachina’s appearance in Mississippi. Did Planned Parenthood as his employer plan and pay for this religious manipulation of voters?

Even if they did, I’m sure they didn’t use federal funds.

This is just another in a long line of examples of how the very ethos of Planned Parenthood is rooted in evil.