I don’t normally respond to other bloggers, but this one appeared at the religion site Patheos, so it’s more than just your run-of-the-mill blog. Seems Fred Clark, who writes at Slacktivist, thinks evangelicals should stop whining and admit that Michelle Bachmann is a “Dominionist” (or employs “Dominionists,” or know some, or perhaps has taken donations from them, whatever):

Douglas Groothius clutches his pearls, flutters his handkerchief and collapses on his fainting couch over Ryan Lizza’s scandalous suggestion in The New Yorker that Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., has ties to advocates of “dominionist” theology.

That fainting couch is quite crowded with evangelical critics of Lizza’s piece, all adamantly insisting that Bachmann is far, far removed from anything at all that has anything to do with dominionism. Groothuis provides a fine example of their exuberant protestations, usually mingled with accusations that Lizza is ignorant or confused or deliberately lying, or perhaps all three:

I won’t give the Groothius quote here–you can read it at the link Clark provides–but the fact is that in just a short article Groothius makes Lizza look inept at the very least. Lizza gets wrong all kinds of things that undermine his case that Bachmann is some kind of incipient tyrant, from the influences on her thinking (primarily Francis Schaeffer and Nancy Pearcey) to the beliefs of those influences (he claims Schaeffer advocated a theocracy for America, wanted to impose Old Testament law, and called for the violent overthrow of the government if Roe v.Wade was not overturned, none of which is even remotely true). Clark thinks that’s no big deal. I guess he considers those claims fake but accurate.

Anyway, he goes on to offer his own version of “proof” that Bachmann is a closet theocrat:

Warren Throckmorton notes that Bachmann aide Peter Waldron, “was key to Michele Bachmann’s straw poll win in Iowa on Aug. 13 and is now in South Carolina attempting to line up evangelicals for Bachmann.”

In 1987, Waldron co-authored a book titled, Rebuilding the Walls: A Biblical Strategy for Restoring America’s Greatness. A whiff of dominionist “reconstructionism,” perhaps, in that title. But much more than a whiff in the other book Waldron’s co-author, George Grant, published that same year.

That book, Changing the Guard, Throckmorton notices, was published by Dominion Press — the reconstructionist/dominionist publisher of books by Gary North, Gary DeMar and David Chilton, which is to say many of the leading voices in dominionism.

Throckmorton is a psychology professor at Grove City College, an evangelical and a man whose thinking I respect, but this “connection” to Bachmann is ridiculous, as is Clark’s use of it:

The author of that book simultaneously co-authored a book on “a biblical strategy for restoring America’s greatness” with the man who is, at the moment, on Michelle Bachmann’s payroll and coordinating the religious outreach for her campaign in South Carolina.

It is not “paranoia” to suggest that Bachmann is closely tied to dominionism. It is not “confusion, conflation, and obfuscation” to point out that, in fact, Michelle Bachmann is hiring people who are closely tied to dominionism.

So let me get this straight. Michelle Bachmann employs a political aide who wrote a book 24 years ago. Neither Throckmorton nor Clark have read that book–the latter hilariously says that the title has a “whiff” of “dominionist ‘reconstructionism'”, whatever that means. He co-authored it with another guy who neither indicates has any connection to Bachmann. That guy is a “dominionist” who wrote a book 24 years ago. Ergo, Bachmann employs “dominionists.”

After reading this, the only “whiff” I smell if the whiff of desperation on the part of the left to make a ludicrous charge stick.

By this standard, we can see that Barack Obama is “closely tied” to Communism, because he hired Van Jones. He is “closely tied” to terrorism because he served with Weather Underground Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge educational foundation. He is “closely tied” to black racism and anti-Semitism because he spent twenty years in the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, himself a good buddy of Louis Farrakhan. See how easy that is?

When people like Ryan Lizza write the kind of tripe they write, they are only doing what the left-wing media does. When Fred Clark and other religious leftists echo the Lizzas, they’re rolling around in the mud with pigs. They’re starting to smell like them.