Mere mention of the date September 11th churns up feelings and distinct memories….The pain and suffering that we as Americans associate with terrorism began that day and has continued ever since.

–Rev. Geoffrey Black, president of the United Church of Christ, apparently forgetting the sacrifices of pre-September 11 American victims of terrorism from the Beirut Embassy and Marine barracks in Lebanon to Leon Klinghoffer to Pan Am 103 to the first World Trade Center bombing to the Khubar Towers bombing to the U.S. embassies in East Africa to the U.S.S. Cole–many Americans remember, however, that our nation has been a target for terrorists for a long, long time

I still remember my first response to Joy, “This is going to be bad, very bad,” I said.

Of course, I meant more than just the damage to the Twin Towers and the lives lost, which became far greater than any of us imagined at first. Rather, my first and deepest concern was what something like this could do to our nation’s soul.  I was afraid of how America would respond to a terrorist attack of this scope.

Jim Wallis of Sojourners