According to the Layman Online, there’s a congregation in California considering leaving the PCUSA. No, it’s not what you think:

A California church is considering leaving the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a denomination largely considered to be more liberal.

As far back as July, the congregation of West Hollywood Presbyterian Church (WHPC) has engaged in dialogue about the possibility of transferring to the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Unlike most churches that have recently considered or completed dismissal from the PCUSA, WHPC doesn’t appear to be making the move in theological opposition to the denomination’s recent deletion of explicit chastity and fidelity ordination standards from its constitution.

In the case of WHPC, the church is “intentionally inclusive of gender, race, ability, age, sexual orientation, economic condition and theological background,” according to its statement of beliefs.

“We are a church in the process of transforming and changing ‘first century language, metaphors and beliefs’ about God and ourselves into ones that are contemporary and relevant to our time and place in history,” the statement further reads. “We are committed to using language for God and for the entire human family that celebrates God as fully inclusive of … people of … all sexual orientations.”

They sound like a great match for the United Church of Nothing in Particular (Except Liberal Politics and Sexual Everything). I’m sure the UCNPELPSE will be glad to have them. There’s only one question that comes to mind:

When does Louisville sic the lawyers on them?