One of the denominational bureaucrats for the PCUSA responded to the congregations that are fleeing the sinking ship he works for by suggesting that the most important founding father of Reformed Christianity, John Calvin, would be appalled at the way they are standing up for orthodoxy. He told the Christian Post:

Dr. Charles A. Wiley III, coordinator for Theology and Worship at PC(USA)’s General Assembly Mission Council, does not approve of these proposals to leave PC(USA). Wiley explained to The Christian Post that if alive today John Calvin would not approve of these congregations opting to separate.

“I do believe that Calvin would have been discouraged by the amount of squabbling that goes on in Presbyterian churches and our lack of theological rigor, whatever our theological perspective,” said Wiley.

Dr. Wiley will, I presume, be returning to the Roman Catholic Church as soon as he recovers his irony meter from the stratosphere.