There’s an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation in San Francisco, Ebenezer Lutheran Church, which despite its name is apparently no longer Lutheran, or even Christian. Rather, ELC has decided to make up its own religion, and calls it “HerChurch.” They worship a goddess, they even have a goddess rosary, and in November they are inviting a priestess of Isis to join them for a conference they’re having. Among other things.

The 5th Annual Faith and Feminism –Womanist –Mujerista Conference is being held November 11-13 at Ebenezer. Among the items listed in the conference announcement:

Friday, November 11

11:00 – 12:00  Kundalini Yoga
2:30 Keynote: Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez, “The Nahuatl [Aztecan] Interpretation of Guadalupe and its Implications for the Faith and Empowerment” [Rodriguez is a professor at Seattle University, Roman Catholic school]
6:00 – 7:00 PM Soup and Salad Bar
7:15 PM  Welcome, Sacred Drums, Sacred Dance, Chanting
8:00 PM Keynote speakers share their story/encounter with the Divine Feminine
10:00 PM (optional) Ananta performs “Elemental” and guided Meditations with Lady Lorean of Isis Oasis

Saturday, November 12

10:00 AM Keynote: Max Dashu, “Goddess of the Americas” [Dashu is from the “Suppressed History Archives” in Oakland]
2:30 Keynote: Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez, “Guadalupe and the Feminine Face of God/dess”

Sunday November 13

9:00 AM Keynote: Mary Streufert, Ph.D. [Streufert is “Director of Justice for Women” for the ELCA, and according to Exposing the ELCA, is a member of the Office of the Presiding Bishop]

As is always the case with conferences like this, you can tell a great deal about what it’s about from the workshops. Among those are:

•”Talking to Goddess, Powerful Voices from Many Traditions” led by Dr. D’vorah Grenn (According to her bio page at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, “She is co-director and core faculty in the Women’s Spirituality MA Program at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California, and founding kohenet/priestess of Mishkan Shekhinah (2007), a movable sanctuary honoring the Sacred Feminine in all spiritual traditions.)

•”Women Body Modifications as spirituality?” led by Artist Sybil Erden

•Drumming Circle-Drumming Priestess Dionne Kohler (she’s on staff at Ebenezer, even though Lutherans don’t use the word “priest,” much less “priestess”)

•Chanting with Musician and Isis Priestess Katie Ketchum

•”Divine Feminine in Songs and Stories” led by Dr. Jann Aldredge Clanton (from her bio she appears to be a Baptist who is currently serving as an adjunct professor at the United Methodist Perkins School of Theology–this conference seems to be ecumenically pagan)

•”The Unconscious Mind by Design” led by Priestess Shamana Cea Hearth–her bio has to be shared in full:

Cea T. Hearth, M.Ed., Priestess and Shamana, is a National Board recognized educator, and presenter of metaphysical/spiritual workshops, as a component of her business in alternative healing, Hearthstone Alternative. Previous topics have been internal dowsing techniques (deviceless dowsing); styles of meditation/visualization, such as Impact Meditation, Inner Temple Meditation, the Meditation of the Unfolding Fist, and Developing the Panoply of Self, an exploration of psycho-synthesis, embracing the divergent aspects/characters within the self. Ms. Hearth is also a musician, playing the banjo, guitar, and percussion, with one CD of original songs, “Hearthsongs,” produced so far, and a single song CD soon-to-come. She is author of several books, including two novels, exploring the bleed-through of a past-life into a present life (Precious is the Night and Bright Shade and Shadow), and a book of dowsing grids, Dame Apothecary’s Compendium of Natural Remedies. For more, please visit her web-site at

So there you have it. An all-out paganfest, graced by the presence of a national official of the denomination. Is it any wonder that congregations and pastors are fleeing the ELCA in droves?

(Via World Net Daily, which is not a source I would normally use, but in this case there’s no question about the material, which comes straight from the goddess’s mouth, as it were.)