The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with past ties to Middle East terrorists, is warning Detroit Muslims that a dangerous and potentially violent mob of people are about to descend on their fair city. Bar the doors: the Christians are coming! According to the Detroit News:

The local head of a national Muslim civil rights group says a Christian prayer summit to be held at Ford Field next week promotes anti-Muslim sentiment and is warning local mosques to step up their security.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — Michigan, met Wednesday with Muslim activists to voice his concern over the rhetoric he fears could be at the center of the event Nov. 11.

“There’s a bigger force or movement behind this prayer summit and how they’re literally demonizing Muslims,” he said.

The entire basis for this paranoia seems to be found in this quote, taken from here:

The Call is being promoted as a 24-hour long prayer event aimed at lifting the city out of its “greatest darkness.” Its website says attendees will “gather to this city that has become a microcosm of our national crisis — economic collapse, racial tension, the rising tide of the Islamic movement, and the shedding of innocent blood of our children in the streets and our unborn.”

Given that The Call is operated by people who believe that Islam is a false religion that leads people away from God, it kind of makes sense that they would gather to pray for Detroit to be delivered from it, as well as from violent crime, economic collapse, abortion, etc. That doesn’t make The Call violent, or in any way a threat to Muslims, any more than the previous Call assemblies have been. But CAIR is nothing if not willing to be The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and gain some attention for its agenda, whenever it can.

The Call is led by Lou Engle of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, home of the notorious “Kansas City Prophets” for whom I have little use, as I think them heretical on several levels. But being Christian heretics hardly qualifies them as anti-Muslim terrorists. The idea that CAIR would try to whip up fear about a prayer gathering only shows how far it will go to prevent or discourage anyone from saying anything that could be construed as disputing the superiority of Islam.

(Via Weasel Zippers.)