The New York Times reports that when some motorists enter the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey, they’ll be greeted by this piece of advertising for the intellectual descendants of Madalyn Murray O’Hair:

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, a man renowned for his ability to find offense to his faith, referred to this billboard as “inane,” and said his organization wouldn’t take up an offer from a supporter to buy a counter-ad. He told the Times:

“Nobody knows what this means. I mean, Neptune? Over here, we just looked at each other in puzzlement.”

He added, by way of advice, “Whenever you do a billboard, it has to have tremendous clarity and be quick and easy. If you have to keep thinking about it, it fails.”

At first, I thought perhaps it was an ad for an opthamologist. Then I realized it was an ad for an organization full of people who can’t tell the difference between classical mythology, a fictional character, a Halloween costume, and a historical figure. In that regard, perhaps it’s actually supposed to be a commentary on the state of public education in America.