In what can only be described as an exquisite example of bad timing, the Redstone Presbytery of the PCUSA filed suit this week to prevent Covenant Presbyterian Church in Ligonier, Pennsylvania from leaving the denomination. According to the Christian Post:

A Pennsylvania presbytery of the Presbyterian Church(USA) has filed suit against a departing congregation, saying they did not properly follow the process for dismissal.

Redstone Presbytery brought their suit against Covenant Presbyterian Church of Ligonier on Tuesday to a court in Westmoreland County.

“We have a process for churches seeking to be dismissed,” said Steve Benz, interim executive presbyter of the Presbytery of Redstone.

“They chose to halt the process mid-stream and we are seeking to continue our process.”

Benz explained that this process varies between congregations, but that a “discernment team has freedom to move at a pace that seems appropriate to the situation, and each situation is to be handled independently.”

Covenant Presbyterian decided to leave the PC(USA) over the denomination’s recent decision on noncelibate homosexual clergy. In May, the PC(USA) assembly and a majority of the denominations 173 Presbyteries voted to allow homosexuals engaged in same-sex relationships to serve as clergy and church positions.

Now, I don’t know what’s been going on in the Redstone Presbytery, but I do know what’s been going on in the EPC’s Presbytery of the East, and I can tell you that Covenant did not move to the EPC because of the passage of Amendment 10-A. In fact, Covenant joined the Presbytery of the East in 2010. That being the case, just what has Redstone been doing for the last year–at an “appropriate pace,” no doubt–that they had to file this suit the week before Christmas?

(Via the Layman Online.)