I saw these cartoons yesterday, but decided not to put them up on Christmas. They may be found on the Facebook page of the PCUSA’s Israel Palestine Mission Network, and speak volumes about an organization that would publicize them:

Even the person who posted that second one said, “At first, this cartoon seems a bit much,” but then added, “then it sinks in that unfortunately, it’s spot on!” Well, if you’re a total loon, I suppose it is. As for the first, you wonder if it occurred to the dunce who posted it (much less the moron who drew it) that Mary and Joseph were Jewish, not Palestinian Arab.

If you’re as revolted by this kind of display of graphic anti-Semitism as I am, go to the IPMN’s Facebook page and comment on them. I’ve noticed that in recent weeks, commenters led by Viola Larson have begun to challenge the kind of nonsense and hate that the IPMN links to on Facebook. Let let them know that their one-sided, mindless, and un-Christian bashing of Israel and its efforts to defend itself will not go unopposed.