You may have seen it on the PCUSA’s web site: “Preach-In on Global Climate Change“. (“Let’s have a ‘preach-in’! It’ll be just like the 60s!”) There we’re told:

Interfaith Power and Light is hosting a national preach-in on global warming on Sunday February 12th. Planned to communicate a love for, and dedication to, God’s creation as Valentine’s Day approaches, this preach-in invites people of all religions to consider preaching, teaching, praying, and otherwise bringing awareness about climate change.

Here’s the flyer calling all environmental religion people to arms, er, mouths, er, whatever:

I will not be registering for this august event, so I won’t get any of the fact-free downloadable resources, or any of the “sample sermons” that I could pass off as my own use as models for my own. But then, I also won’t be promoting a new religion in my pulpit on February 12, either.