Press TV, propaganda outlet for the Iranian government, is claiming today that no “final verdict” (by which I think they mean final sentence, given the headline) has been reached on Pastor Yousef:

An informed source in Iran’s Supreme Court says the Court has not handed down its final verdict in the case of an Iranian-born convert to Christianity, Yousef Nadarkhani, Press TV reports.

According to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the Supreme Court returned Nadarkhani’s case to the lower court in October 2011 saying investigations were incomplete.

The lower court, the source added, has not completed its investigations yet and the case has not returned to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

Even though a “final verdict” has supposedly not been handed down, Press TV has no doubt what kind of criminal the state has on its hands:

By claiming that Nadarkhani, a rapist and extortionist from Gilan, is a convert to Christianity and priest, Western media outlets have been trying to intensify their propaganda campaign and mount pressure against Iran.

Iran has refuted allegations of violating human rights, stressing that Nadarkhani has a history of committing violent crimes and that he did not receive the death penalty for religious beliefs.

This is, from all accounts other than those of Iranian propaganda, utter nonsense. (Note that Press TV can’t even get the story right within its own article: it refers to Pastor Yousef as “an Iranian-born convert to Christianity” in the first paragraph, but then says that “Western media outlets” are “claiming” he’s a Christian convert as part of a “propaganda campaign.” Editor needed for cleanup on aisle 4!) But if it is true that a “final verdict” has not yet come down, there may be time to save our brother yet. Keep praying!