Remember those questions your children asked when they were little? “Mommy, where do babies come from?” Remember how hard it was to formulate an answer to questions like that that were both truthful and yet didn’t get into details that the average pre-school rug rat really doesn’t need to know? Well, it seems that one intrepid author has solved your problem. According to The Blaze:

It’s inevitable that parents will someday be asked “Where do babies come from?” and/or “Where did I come from?” by their children. And now, there‘s a children’s book to help answer the question. But the book isn’t that simple — and not everyone is applauding it. Why? Because, as the the book’s author Cory Silverberg describes, not everyone has a “nice story” of “mommy + daddy + intercourse = you!”

With that in mind, Silverberg is creating a new book – “What Makes a Baby?” – for parents to “[acknowledge] the help we get to bring children into our lives.” The book will include information about the help parents can get to make a baby: “a doctor, fertility clinic, adoption or foster agency; it might be a turkey baster and a friend; it might be a sperm donor or a surrogate.”

Silverberg states that the 32-page, hard cover book will be geared toward children of pre-school age up to 8 years old. Here’s more information about the book, which will be illustrated by Canadian artist Fiona Smyth:

What Makes a Baby is written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, all kinds of adults, and all kinds of families — regardless of how many people were involved, what the orientation, gender identity, or other make up of the family is, or how it came to be that way. It’s a social justice approach to sex education. Like all picture books, it’s meant to be read to a child and gives the adult reader the opportunity to fill in as much detail as they would like….

“All children deserve stories that teach them not only about how they are unique, but also about what connects them to all other humans.  What Makes a Baby tells that story without leaving some people out because of their gender, orientation, or family make up.”

Of course. What would a book about making babies be without including those who can’t? If pre-schoolers aren’t made aware of in vitro fertilization, surrogate gay motherhood, fertility drugs, and the whole panoply of modern scientific and sociological options, they might grow up stunted and homophobic. And if a child really is the product of the intersection of a “turkey baster and a friend,” wouldn’t he or she want to know about that?

This graphic contribution to the decline of Western civilization is a product of something called Kickstarter:

Financing for this book came through a non-traditional but increasingly popular means of funding. A site called Kickstarter, which has been used to fund endeavors such as “99% — The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film” and “FrackNation” – both of which the Blaze has reported on — funds projects through donations by setting a dollar amount goal and a deadline. If that amount is reached through donations, the project moves forward. If the goal is not met within the proposed timeframe, all the donations are returned.

Now, in the interest of insuring that our children are fully informed on the whole baby thing, I think Kickstarter’s Silverberg’s next project needs to be What Unmakes a Baby, about the wonders of abortion. First graders can learn all about the various reasons mommies kill their kids before they’re born, and about the marvelous advances in modern science–menstrual extraction, suction aspiration, dilation and curettage, dilation and evacuation, etc.–that make it all possible.

(Via Stand Firm.)

UPDATE: Jason Huff has let me know in the comments that Kickstarter is not the problem, but rather that it is just a good fund-raising conduit that Silverberg used. My apologies to anyone associated with Kickstarter for suggesting that they are the problem here.