I am approaching a bit of a milestone. Sometime within the next week, I will be making my 2000th post to this blog. That seems like a good time for a change.

Starting on Monday, the focus of The Reformed Pastor will change significantly. That’s in part because I’m going to be taking the analysis of current events and denominational happenings to a new location. Monday, I join the stable of writers at a revamped Stand Firm, which will now be subtitled “Faith Among the Ruins.” I will be joining a team of talented writers whose hope is to become a sort of First Things on the Web for Anglicans and Protestants, a lofty goal indeed that I believe the others, if not me, are fully capable of achieving.

Here, meanwhile, I will heading off in a very different direction. I will, in effect, be writing an idiosyncratic commentary on the New Testament. No Greek, no critical apparatus, nothing fancy. What I’m going to do instead is take the passage divisions in the English Standard Bible, and do a daily (more or less) commentary on them in order. So, on Monday, I’ll begin with the Gospel of Matthew, and discuss the passage headed, “The Genealogy of Jesus Christ.” And so on through the New Testament, though I may vary the order in which I do the books. In any case, I’ll be doing something that can be a spiritual discipline for both me and my readers, if they choose to stick with me, and perhaps for others looking for something more spiritually edifying than what I’ve done in the past.

If you’d like more information about the changes at Stand Firm, and where I might fit in, check out Greg Griffith’s post here. And if you want to see The Reformed Pastor transformed, continue to check in here.