Not wanting to be accused of dealing only with the weighty issues of the day, the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly has decided that corporal punishment is evil, and should be disapproved of by all right-thinking Presbyterians. Seriously. This was just passed by a vote of 334-306-9:

1. The Presbyterian Church (USA)

a. encourages its members to adopt discipline methods at home, in schools, pediatric facilities, and institutions (e.g. hospitals, orphanages, clinics, state institutions) and child-care facilities that do not include corporal punishment of children, and

b. encourages congregations to offer opportunities for dialogue and education on effective discipline of children.

2. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) calls upon all states to enact licensing laws prohibiting corporal punishment in schools and day and residential childcare facilities.

You are duly advised–no spanking!

Having settled this earth-shaking matter, the General Assembly is now going to go to Middle East affairs. Go figure.