April 2014

Occasionally, something comes out of the mainline churches that is so wrong, so delusional, so bizarre, so incomprehensible, that it makes one wonder whether hallucinogenic drugs are involved. Such is the statement that the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board (PCUSA), which had this response to a resolution submitted for this summer’s General Assembly that would address the growing persecution of Christians:

The Church is called to prayer for those who suffer due to their faith. The Presbyterian Mission Agency reminds commissioners and advisory delegates the suffering of the church in the world is not only due to “persecution”, but there are many factors involved. These include geopolitical and economic factors. The General Assembly should consider all the factors that result in and contribute to sectarian violence. Use of the word “persecuted” mischaracterizes the nature of the maltreatment of Christians in the world, and in many cases would be an unhelpful exaggeration. [Emphasis added.]

There are no words for how loathsome that statement is. Anathema!

I know that all of you are intensely aware of and concerned about your carbon footprint. Did you realize, however, that methane is actually a far bigger threat to the planet? Evidently there is a member of the British House of Lords who is really, really worried about the methane output of the Sceptered Isle’s population, and raised the issue in Parliament. According to theBBC:

Labour peer Viscount Simon, 73, raised concerns about the “smelly emissions” resulting from the UK’s unusually high consumption of baked beans.

He put energy and climate change minister Baroness Verma on the spot during the government’s daily question session in the upper chamber.

Lord Simon said: “In a programme some months ago on the BBC it was stated that this country has the largest production of baked beans and the largest consumption of baked beans in the world.”

To laughter from peers, he added: “Could the noble baroness say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the government as a result of the smelly emission resulting there from?”

Appearing flummoxed, the minister replied: “The noble lord’s question is so… different.”

But she added: “The noble lord of course does actually raise a very important point, which is we do need to moderate our behaviour.”

Her answer should have been, “that’s the stupidest thing that has ever been said in the House of Lords, and that’s going some.” But it turns out that the viscount and the baroness are both competitors in one of Britain’s most-watched sporting events this year, so I’m guessing she didn’t want to give him any kind of an edge.

What’s the event? It’s hard to explain, so let’s go to the tape:

Kate Mulgrew isn’t a scientist, but she played one on TV. In her sleek Star Fleet uniform and power bun, Captain Janeway led the crew of the Starship Voyager on an epic journey back to Earth from the farthest reaches of the Milky Way’s Delta  Quadrant. Now, according to Raw Story, she’s decided to go where no sane person has gone for centuries:

A new documentary film, narrated by a former Star Trek actress, promotes the long-ago disproven idea that the sun revolves around the Earth.

“Everything we think we know about our universe is wrong,” says actress Kate Mulgrew as she narrates the trailer for The Principle.

The film, which is set to be released sometime this spring, was bankrolled in part by the ultra-conservative and anti-Semitic Robert Sungenis, who maintains the blog “Galileo Was Wrong.”

In addition to Mulgrew, who played Capt. Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Nemesis, the film features several scientists, including Michio Kaku, Lawrence Krauss, and Max Tegmart.

Krauss said Tuesday morning that he had not willingly participated in the film.

“For all who asked: Some clips of me apparently were mined for movie on geocentricism,” the scientist posted on Twitter. “So stupid does disservice to word nonsense. Ignore it.”

In the trailer, the scientists discuss how the Earth’s unique characteristics make it well-suited for life, in comparison to other planets.

But Sungenis himself offers the only real bombshell in the two-minute, 20-second trailer.

“You can go on some websites of NASA to see that they’ve started to take down stuff that might hint to a geocentric universe,” Sungenis says.

I can’t imagine why a cultural icon such as Mulgrew would lend her voice to such lunacy, especially when it means working with such an unsavory character as Sungenis. I guess we’ve all got to eat.

It seems the gay marriage crowd has gone from human sacrifice to cannibalism. According to Mother Jones:

zombieLast week, the online dating site OkCupid switched up its homepage for Mozilla Firefox users. Upon opening the site, a message appeared encouraging members to curb their use of Firefox because the company’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, allegedly opposes equality for gay couples—specifically, he donated $1000 to the campaign for the anti-gay Proposition 8 in 2008. “We’ve devoted the last ten years to bringing people—all people—together,” the message read. “If individuals like Mr. Eich had their way, then roughly 8% of the relationships we’ve worked so hard to bring about would be illegal.” The company’s action went viral, and within a few days, Eich had resigned as CEO of Mozilla only weeks after taking up the post. On Thursday, OkCupid released a statement saying “We are pleased that OkCupid’s boycott has brought tremendous awareness to the critical matter of equal rights for all individuals and partnerships.”

But there’s a hitch: OkCupid’s co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan once donated to an anti-gay candidate. (Yagan is also CEO of Match.com.) Specifically, Yagan donated $500 to Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) in 2004, reports Uncrunched. During his time as congressman from 1997 to 2009, Cannon voted for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, against a ban on sexual-orientation based job discrimination, and for prohibition of gay adoptions.

Next up: the Human Rights Campaign performs magic, resurrecting Joe McCarthy to ask CEOs across the land, “are you now, or have you ever been…”

All right, I have to admit that I have a strange sense of humor (I love puns, for instance), but I think this is the sort of thing that anyone who has observed the slow disintegration of higher education in America over the last forty years will find hilarious. From the Wall Street Journal:

On Tuesday Dartmouth’s finest seized the main administration building and disrupted college business. The squatters were allowed to remain until Thursday night, when the dean of the college negotiated and signed an exit settlement assuring them the non-dialogue would continue.

Well, nothing new there–college administrators have been reacting to hooliganism like frightened children for decades now. I believe there is a clause in the contract of every college president requiring them to have their backbone removed upon taking office.

The demonstrators had a 72-point manifesto instructing the college to establish pre-set racial admission quotas and a mandatory ethnic studies curriculum for all students. Their other inspirations are for more “womyn or people of color” faculty; covering sex change operations on the college health plan (“we demand body and gender self-determination”); censoring the library catalog for offensive terms; and installing “gender-neutral bathrooms” in every campus facility, specifically including sports locker rooms.

Wait, wait…they demand “body and gender self-determination”? But if it’s self-determined, why would they demand anyone pay for it? Doesn’t that put them at the mercy of the paymasters? As for censoring the library catalog, it sounds like the school is being threatened by the Spanish Inquisition (which no one expected, of course): “Everything that runs counter to orthodoxy must be put on the Index, or given over to the flames!” Racial admission quotas are illegal, but I’m sure no one among the occupiers cares about that. And the demand for “mandatory ethnic studies” (I’m sure every occupier considers himself/herself/itself/theirself “pro-choice”) means they want their college education to be no more difficult than learning the multiplication tables, since that’s the level at which most such courses are taught.

We rarely sympathize with college administrators but we’ll make an exception for Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon, an accomplished mathematician who for some reason took the job last year. The occupiers filmed their confrontation and uploaded the hostage video to the Web, where Mr. Hanlon can be seen agog as his charges berate him for his “micro-aggressions.” Those are bias infractions that can’t be identified without the right political training.

Their impulse to film said confrontation was a combination of exhibitionism and a desire to publicly humiliate themselves and their parents, who will now be forced to go about with paper bags on their heads inscribed with the words, “Pay no attention to that YouTube video, I’m actually childless.”

OK, now here’s the best part. Swallow any liquids you may be imbibing before proceeding:

Mr. Hanlon left after an hour and told the little tyrants that he welcomed a “conversation” about their ultimatums. They responded in a statement that conversations—to be clear, talking—will lead to “further physical and emotional violence enacted against us by the racist, classist, sexist, heterosexist, transphobic, xenophobic, and ableist structures at Dartmouth.” They added: “Our bodies are already on the line, in danger, and under attack.”

Stop, oh please, stop, STOPSTOPYOU’RE KILLING ME!

Clearly, these people are all angling for parts in the remake of this:

If you really want to subject yourself to the nonsensical rantings of these spoiled children, you can go to YouTube and search for “Students Occupy Parkhurst” (there are five parts). There you will find out what the future occupants of government offices in the second Hillary Clinton administration were doing back in their college days. Personally, I’m going to work on securing retirement property in Australia.

The gods of gayness are angry, and demand a sacrifice. Mozilla has obliged:

Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.

Apparently the standard on which Mozilla prides itself is absolute conformity of thinking, and punishment of those who dare to defy theZeitgeist. But when the gods are angry, they must be propitiated.

We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.

We forgot that freedom of thought was not supposed to exist at Mozilla, and didn’t remember fact enough. Self-flagellation will begin immediately.

Brendan Eich has chosen to step down from his role as CEO. He’s made this decision for Mozilla and our community.

We built an auto da fe in the company atrium, and Brendan was gracious enough to jump right into it.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Mozilla believes in freedom of speech. Feel free to exercise it on the unemployment line.

Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all.

You are welcome to any opinions you like, as long as we approve of them. We believe that all people who think just like we do are equal, while everyone else is welcome to work for Google.

We have employees with a wide diversity of views. Our culture of openness extends to encouraging staff and community to share their beliefs and opinions in public. This is meant to distinguish Mozilla from most organizations and hold us to a higher standard. But this time we failed to listen, to engage, and to be guided by our community.

I’m sorry, there’s more, but I just ate dinner, and I can feel the bile rising. Mozilla obviously belongs to the IngSoc School of Political Doubletalk. Orwell would be proud.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no, they never mention what the whole brouhaha was about. Because, transparency and stuff.

On this page, you will find a list of Mozilla products. Until Mozilla decides to respect the First Amendment, I will never use any of their products or recommend them.

You’re on your way to taking over the leadership of a business. You’re a leading thinker and innovator in your industry, a person of impeccable business credentials, someone that any company in your industry would love to have as its CEO. However, it turns out that you don’t hold the correct opinions about a social issue that has nothing to do with your business. So…off with your head! According to the UK’s Independent:

Staff at tech company Mozilla are calling for CEO Brendan Eich to resign a week after he took the job, after it emerged that he gave donations to an anti-LGBT campaign.

Eich contributed $1,000 (£601.11) in support of California’ Proposition 8 in 2008, an initiative which opposed same-sex marriage.

His controversial donation was discovered on a public database, with Mozilla named as his employer, in 2012, the Telegraph reported.

Eich was made CEO of Mozilla, which is behind the Firefox web browser, in late March after his predecessor Gary Kovacs announced his resignation in April last year.

He was previously the organisation’s chief technology officer, and has been associated with Mozilla in its various guises since the 1990s.

According to Mozilla, Eich invented JavaScript, the Internet’s most widely used programming language.

Since his appointment, his colleagues, who regard his anti-LBGT stance as against the company’s ethos, have taken to Twitter to post the message: “I’m an employee of @mozilla and cannot reconcile having @BrendanEich as CEO.”

The company’s ethos? When did Mozilla become a lobbying organization advocating for gay rights? It’s a tech company, for goodness sake. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with what Mozilla does. What’s happening is that employees have decided that they want a political litmus test for their CEO. What’s next? A demand that the CEO support Obamacare? How about a cap-and-trade carbon tax? Or an expansion of food stamps?

Of course, gay marriage is different. It is one of the two sacraments (the other being abortion) of the new secularist religion that is in the process of being established in the United States. Mozilla is a private company, and they can set any requirements they want for their CEO. But this is an indication of a growing societal mindset that says that non-believers are to be ostracized and driven out of not only public life, but any form of leadership public or private. That way lies tyranny.

Alan Sears of the Alliance Defending Freedom tells the story of a case in Canada that foreshadows what is inevitable in the United States:

Perhaps a case now unfolding in Canada will open a few more eyes to what lies in store for our own country, if a hearing in the Elane Photography case is denied.

A Toronto pastor, Randy Harris – a devout Christian and ordained minister – was asked to officiate at the marriage ceremony of “Matthew Commandant and Rui Oliveira.” Knowing “Rui” as a not uncommon female name in the Orient, Reverend Harris assumed the couple was a man and a woman. As he prepared for the ceremony, he learned differently. He told the two men that, due to his religious convictions and the requirements of his denomination, he would not be able to perform their ceremony, and, apologizing for his mistake, refunded their fee.

The two men were not satisfied, and filed a discrimination lawsuit against the pastor with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, asking for reimbursement of their travel costs (which Pastor Harris had already offered), and $1,000 each for “injury to dignity.” But that’s not all. They are also demanding that Harris be required to undergo “sensitivity” training, as well as attend meetings of LGBT organizations. And they are pushing for a government order requiring all marriage officiates in the province to perform any kind of ceremony, for anyone who asks – regardless of the officiate’s religious beliefs.

This is the logical – indeed, inevitable – next step for legal proceedings in our own country, if the rulings like the one against the owners of Elane Photography are allowed to stand. All too often, those pressing the homosexual legal and political agenda are not interested in “tolerance” or a “live-and-let-live” society. Many are demanding that all people of faith bow to the new Caesar … embracing, affirming, applauding, funding, and encouraging homosexual behavior.

This case is still pending, so we don’t know whether the gay couple will win or not. This is also being heard not by a regular court, but by a “human rights tribunal,” of which there are few (though their number is growing) in the U.S. The point, however, is not necessarily to win, regardless of the forum. The left in North America–and especially the gay rights left–has been engaged in “lawfare” against its opponents for many years now. The aim is not to win every case, but rather to intimidate, to silence, and eventually make dissent so costly that no one will stand up to them.

Thank God for organizations such as the ADF and the Becket Fund for being willing to take on such bullies. They deserve both our prayer and financial support.