You’re on your way to taking over the leadership of a business. You’re a leading thinker and innovator in your industry, a person of impeccable business credentials, someone that any company in your industry would love to have as its CEO. However, it turns out that you don’t hold the correct opinions about a social issue that has nothing to do with your business. So…off with your head! According to the UK’s Independent:

Staff at tech company Mozilla are calling for CEO Brendan Eich to resign a week after he took the job, after it emerged that he gave donations to an anti-LGBT campaign.

Eich contributed $1,000 (£601.11) in support of California’ Proposition 8 in 2008, an initiative which opposed same-sex marriage.

His controversial donation was discovered on a public database, with Mozilla named as his employer, in 2012, the Telegraph reported.

Eich was made CEO of Mozilla, which is behind the Firefox web browser, in late March after his predecessor Gary Kovacs announced his resignation in April last year.

He was previously the organisation’s chief technology officer, and has been associated with Mozilla in its various guises since the 1990s.

According to Mozilla, Eich invented JavaScript, the Internet’s most widely used programming language.

Since his appointment, his colleagues, who regard his anti-LBGT stance as against the company’s ethos, have taken to Twitter to post the message: “I’m an employee of @mozilla and cannot reconcile having @BrendanEich as CEO.”

The company’s ethos? When did Mozilla become a lobbying organization advocating for gay rights? It’s a tech company, for goodness sake. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with what Mozilla does. What’s happening is that employees have decided that they want a political litmus test for their CEO. What’s next? A demand that the CEO support Obamacare? How about a cap-and-trade carbon tax? Or an expansion of food stamps?

Of course, gay marriage is different. It is one of the two sacraments (the other being abortion) of the new secularist religion that is in the process of being established in the United States. Mozilla is a private company, and they can set any requirements they want for their CEO. But this is an indication of a growing societal mindset that says that non-believers are to be ostracized and driven out of not only public life, but any form of leadership public or private. That way lies tyranny.