GosnellIf you haven’t done so yet, you have one last opportunity to help fund the making of the movie Hollywood is desperate to kill. Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are documentary filmmakers whose credits includerackNation (an answer to the fraudulent anti-fracking fantasy Gasland) and Not Evil, Just Wrong about climate change alarmism. Now, they are taking on the story of serial killer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The have already raised the $2.1 million that they needed to get going, and are now seeking to simply increase the number of givers beyond the 25,000+ they already have in order to raise visibility and send a message to a film industry that has done all it could to prevent this movie from being made (including getting the initial crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter, to reject the project because they claimed it violated their “standards”). Here’s Ann and Phelim’s latest appeal:

This last day is very important for the success of the Gosnell Movie. We want to have an army of supporters so that Hollywood and the media can no longer say there is no demand, no audience for a movie about Kermit Gosnell

If you haven’t contributed please consider doing it now at www.GosnellMovie.com.

If you have given alrady, we’d love you to get your friends and family to join this historic project, and we only want $1 from them. We currently have nearly 25,000 contributors but we NEED to grow this number. Please encourage your family and friends to give just $1 and add their name – their vote to the growing army of people who are demanding that the censorship stops now.

And we also need you one more time. We’ll be hosting a tweetfest on Twitter on Monday, twice: at 12-2pm EST and again at 8-9pm EST and we’d love you to be there for us. Our goal for this tweetfest is to get to 30,000 contributors before the campaign ends. We’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #GosnellMovie, we want to get it trending!

You’ll be also hearing Ann and Phelim on the radio, they’ll be on The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Dennis Prager Show and on CBS Philly.

Lets make this one last big effort and push to finish strong! We’ll see you on Twitter and at the finish line.

I just made my contribution. You can, too. Let’s help get this movie made, send a message to Hollywood and the mainstream media that so devoutly ignored the Gosnell story, and get the story the pro-abortion movement doesn’t want Americans to hear before the world.