The U.S. Senate refused to stop debate and vote on a bill to overturn the Hobby Lobby decision today, and the usual suspects went ballistic. Apparently the Dark Ages are returning, with women being kept barefoot and pregnant, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria on the left. Representative of the reaction is this piece of drivel from the head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State:

“It’s disgraceful that some members of the U.S. Senate would rather protect Religious Right zealots than millions of American workers,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “Religion should never be used as an excuse for denying essential medicine to anyone, but some misguided senators apparently don’t get that.”

Yeah, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to protect conservative Christians, what with our having repealed the First Amendment and all….Wait, we haven’t? Dang, apparently ol’ Barry has discovered time travel, and zapped forward to a time when he and his anti-religious liberty lobby have gotten their way, and only approved religious groups have any rights.

One might ask lawyer Lynn just when this came to be defined as “medicine”:

One might also asked who in these United States has been denied access to any form of contraception. Seems to me that up until we entered the Gilded Age of Obamacare, most Americans bought their own “medicine,” and those that couldn’t afford it could get it for free from Planned Parenthood. Finally, one might ask when birth control became “essential” to anyone, given that there’s an even more fool-proof way of preventing pregnancy.

Of course, in the space/time dimension inhabited by Barry Lynn, the most important inalienable right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is the right to sex without consequences any time, any place, any way, and as often as desired, all with your boss–the guy your sex life isn’s supposed to be any of his business–footing the bill. Freedom of religion? You’re kidding, right?