We all know that tax money is used to fund lots of stupid stuff. Research grants to look into the sexual behavior of cocaine-addicted Japanese quail, National Science Foundation funds going to develop a video game based on a high school prom, Forest Service funds used to replace windows in the closed visitor’s center at Mount St. Helens–we all know this happens, and that it’s wasteful and dumb, and we laugh because can’t imagine why anyone, even a federal bureaucrat, would think these good uses for limited resources.

Then there’s the federal spending that goes to underwrite evil. High if not at the top of that list is the $500 million that go every year to Planned Parenthood.

The latest in the interminable parade of repulsive indecency flowing out of Margaret Sanger’s temple to the death cult is the news that the organization has been talking up the pleasures of sado-masochism with teenagers. The invaluable Lila Rose and Live Action has released three videos of Planned Parenthood personnel talking to undercover reporters posing as teens about the wonders of handcuffs, punishment, and asphyxiation (warning: NOT SAFE FOR WORK):




Please note that these are not three portions of one visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic. These are three different interviews done at three different facilities. As Arlo Guthrie said, when you get three people doing it, you might think it’s an organization. A big, revolting organization that makes most of its own money off the baby-killing business, and for the rest takes your money and mine in order to corrupt the minds of children.

Big Government has more about the source of these funds:

Nearly half of the abortion industry giant’s budget is derived from taxpayers. At least a portion of the additional $75 million per year Obamacare appropriates for “sex counseling” through the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) will also go to Planned Parenthood.

According to PREP’s website, the program is “the first federal funding stream for programs that teach about abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

“PREP-funded programs,” the website continues, “must also cover at least three adult preparation subjects, such as healthy relationships, adolescent development, financial literacy, educational and career success, and healthy life skills.”

In addition, the program’s website states, “PREP offers a brand new opportunity – federal funding for science-based sex education that includes information on abstinence and contraception. Until this year, the only dedicated federal funding for sex education was for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.”

PREP, however, apparently doesn’t think highly of sex education programs that promote abstinence until marriage.

“These programs censor vital information from young people, who have the right to complete, accurate information that will allow them to make informed decisions about their sexual health,” PREP says.

Bondage, sadism, masochism, promotion of pornography, choking games. This is what passes for “science-based” in the Molech cult. This is what your tax dollars are spreading.