Every time I think the Molech cult has reached a new low, they find even greater depths of evil and idiocy to plumb. The latest instance is a Scottish “poet” named Leyla Josephine, whose self-justifying video is being promoted by the Huffington Post. LifeSiteNews has more:

In the video Josephine, decked out in military camouflage, justifies herself in part by saying that she would have been willing to serve as a sacrifice to abortion just as she offered her daughter to the idol of “choice.”

“I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.

Well, she would’ve supported her right to choose, but unfortunately the little tyke had the temerity to be conceived at the wrong time. So no “right to choose” for her. As for Josephine’s declaration that she “would’ve died for that right,” that’s clearly a lie, since she wouldn’t even suffer the inconvenience of an untimely birth in order to insure that her kid had the right to choose….anything.

In the next rhyming line, she addresses her unborn daughter: “I’m sorry, but you came at the wrong time.”

And since you “came at the wrong time,” Josephine has every right to take away, not only your “right to choose,” but your right to make any and every decision you ever would have made–the choice of who to love, who to serve, what to believe, what kind of work to do, what kind of education to get, where to live, who to bless, whether to have children. Your timing was bad, Baby Josephine, so you had to die. But hey! If your timing had been better, your mother would have defended to the death your right to do to your child what she did to hers.

“I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed,” she continues – a phrase she repeats a total of six times. She repeats the phrase “This is my body” three times.

In other words, she’s horrendously ashamed, and knows she has killed another human being. Modern technology being what it is, she refuses to do the decent thing and grieve privately. Instead, she wants to tell the whole world what an self-centered, self-absorbed, nitwit she is, so her heinous sin can then be celebrated by one of the most read Web sites on the planet.

In the early part of the video, she describes her belief that her child was a girl and imagines a life where she had given birth to her daughter.

“I know she was a she,” she says. “I would have made sure that there was space on the walls to measure her height,” she adds. “I would have made sure I was a good mother.”

If the video is any indication, she’d have been a horrible mother–incapable of putting her child first, consistently subordinated the child’s best interests to her selfish desires, and demanding that her child bow down to her obscene god. But that’s just my guess.

LSN writer Ben Jonson hits just the right note when he says:

That intimation that her daughter died for “choice” – that she offered her baby as a living sacrifice on the altar of abortion – confirms the darkest rhetoric of the pro-life movement: That for some in the movement, abortion is sometimes regarded as an idol.

Rarely has the cult-like nature of the abortion movement been better illustrated.

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