The Rev. Stephen Sizer, among the most unhinged critics of Israel in the Church of England (and a go-to guy for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement, as well as various anti-Israel church groups in the American mainline), has apparently gone too far even for his superiors this week. On Monday, he posted a link on Facebook to a web page called “9/11 Israel Did It.” The page, on something called WikiSpooks, isn’t just a 9/11 Truther page, but is full of “Zionist” (read: Jewish) conspiracy theories and other anti-Semitic tropes.

Among other things, it makes use of a video conversation between Gordon Duff and Alan Sabrosky, two of the geniuses behind the 9/11 truther/Holocaust denial/anti-Semitic sewer calledVeterans Today.

We can also find sub-heads such as these, for those who don’t have time or patience to wade through the swill:

Four key Zionist Network assets

WTC Security In Zionist Hands

Airport Security In Israeli Hands

The US Military Knows Israel did it

Zionism and Treason

9/11 Investigation in Zionist Hands: All appointed chief judges were Zionist Jews

9/11 Commission: Zionist controlled

Zionist 9/11 Personalities: Zionist Jews in all the Right Positions!

Al Qaida = Mossad Playing Dress Up

You get the idea. Even someone skimming this articles and picking up only on the sub-heads would have known that it was full of anti-Semitic codswallop, the modern equivalent of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” And yet Sizer posted the link, presumably because he agrees in whole or in part with it, and wanted to share it with his fans on Facebook.

Today, through the Diocese of Guildford, Sizer issued this alleged apology:

Dr Sizer said: “I very much regret and apologise for the distress caused by the sharing on Facebook of a link to an article about 9/11 from Wikispooks.

“It was particularly insensitive in that last week coincided with Holocaust Memorial Day. I removed the link as soon as I received adverse feedback, and realised that offence had been caused.

“I have never believed Israel or any other country was complicit in the terrorist atrocity of 9/11, and my sharing of this material was ill-considered and misguided.

“At the request of the Diocese, I will be suspending my use of all social media and blogs with immediate effect and until further notice.”

What a load of grade A horse twaddle. If he “never believed Israel…was complicit,” why post a link like this, to an article that has no other purpose than to try to demonstrate just that complicity? He apologizes for “insensitivity” for posting it on Holocaust Memorial Day, and for causing “distress” and “offence,” and only took it down because of “adverse feedback.” He considers the posting “ill-considered and misguided.”

No, it wasn’t “ill-considered and misguided,” Reverend. It was hateful, bigoted, shameless, and evidence of insanity.

It wasn’t “insensitive,” either. It was outrageous, disgusting, and unChristian, akin to accusing MI5 of carrying out the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland to try to sabotage the Good Friday accords, or accusing the Chief Rabbi of Britain of arranging for the July 7, 2005 London subway bombings in order to blame Islam. It’s repulsive. And the fact that it was posted on Holocaust Memorial Day matters not one whit. It would have been just as loathsome to have done so the week before, or the week after, because it was about the timing, Reverend. It was about the pestilential content.

And please note that he didn’t take down the post because it was to a pack of vile lies–he took it down because of “adverse feedback.” In his hatred for everything Israel, he was apparently too dense to recognize the putrescent nature of the material he was “sharing” until his readers hit him across the skull with a digital two-by-four.

And what did the high mucky-mucks in Sizer’s diocese have to say about this?

The Bishop of Dorking, The Right Revd Ian Brackley said “The Diocese of Guildford is aware of reports regarding The Revd Dr Stephen Sizer and materials linked from his social media account, which have now been deleted.

“I want to reassure everyone that we are taking this complaint extremely seriously. Immediate steps are being taken to investigate and we are in contact with Dr Sizer as well as the Board of Deputies.

“The Diocese of Guildford is committed to building cohesive communities and fostering strong interfaith relations built on trust and respect.

“In 2013, The Diocese of Guildford facilitated a process of conciliation between Dr Sizer and the Board of Deputies, and is committed to ensuring this agreement is upheld.”

“The Bishop of Dorking.” If ever a man held a job title commensurate with his apparent abilities, it would be this guy. He’s going to hop right to it and investigate the hell out of this. Thanks, Bish.

What is there to investigate? A priest under your authority read, presumably understood, and then disseminated revolting hate literature. It was right there for the world to see, and he gives no evidence even now that he understands the gravity of his offense. It may make some time to charge and depose him, but investigate?

Stephen Sizer is a fetid stain upon the Church of England. He should be charged, tried, and defrocked as soon as possible, lest the stain become indelible.

(Hat tip: Jeff Walton of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.)